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allMATS Customer Service Hours           We Accept all Major Credit Cards and PayPal
If you can't find the answer to your question below, please contact our Customer Care Department toll free at 1-866-411-MATS ext. 1 or submit your question to
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Who can I call with questions about my order?
You can contact allMATS directly at 1-866-411-MATS ext. 1 or e-mail your question to

I know what product I want! Is there a way to find it quickly on your site?
Yes! We have a convenient "Product Catalog"drop-down menu at the top of our navigation bar which will quickly jump you to a product category that you're interested in. In addition, you can use our Site Index page or Shop By Item Number page.

The mat I want is not the right size! Do you make custom lengths?
We are the custom floor mat specialists.! Most of our commercial mats and entrance mats offer custom sizes. If a product can be cut to a custom length size, it will be noted on that product page in the Pricing Table. Widths on custom cut sizes cannot be modified on many products. If you don't find custom sizes available on the mat you want, please contact us directly to discuss alternative solutions. Many times a manufacturer may be able to do a special one time custom order on specific mats.

How do I submit a custom order or request for a free quote!
Submit your contact information and request on a Custom Quote form.

Can I get a free sample of the mat I'm interested in?
Yes. We have key ring samples and color swatches for most of our commercial mats. Complete a Custom Quote form and specify which mat or mats you would like a sample of.

Will the color of the mats on your site match the color of my mat?
It is important to note that the color selection of your order may not match the exact colors designated on our web-site. This can be due to the varied resolution settings on printers and monitors from one computer to the next. For large volume orders, we recommend contacting us prior to ordering to obtain a color swatch.

I want to order a Custom Logo Mat! What steps do I need to follow?
Visit our Logo Floor Mat page to view the available types of logo mats we can do. Specific instructions are provided with each mat. Logo mat artwork can be sent directly to

allMATS is a great site! How can I tell friends and associates about you?
Visit our E-mail A Friend page and send our website address to a friend or associate.

Do I have to place my order online or can I send you a Purchase Order?
You do not have to place your order online. Although we prefer payment at time of order, we will accept P.O.s on orders over $500. Credit references may be required. You can fax your P.O. to 1-888-675-2696 or mail it to the following address:
allMATS Sales Dept., P.O. Box 1141, Montgomery, IL 60538

Do I have to use my credit card online to order?
No. You can submit your order online and select "Order by Phone" in the Payment Methods section. Call our Customer Care Department toll free at 1-866-411-MATS to provide your credit card number.

I have a large order to place! Should I call first to see if it's in stock?
We would recommend that you contact us first. We offer quantity discounts on some items that you may qualify for. In addition, we will need to provide you with a shipping quote. If items are not in stock, we produce them typically within 5-7 business days.

How does allMATS keep their prices so low?
We keep our overhead to a minimum without sacrificing the needs of our customers. We are a Factory-Direct distributor of several manufacturers which allows us to pass additional cost savings on to you.

Will there be sales tax on my order?
Sales tax will be applied to orders shipped within the state of Illinois only.

Why do you need my phone number and e-mail address?
We require this information in the event that we need to contact you about your order. Please feel confident that the personal information you provide is not used for any additional purposes or given to any other sources. For further information regarding the measures we take to protect your information, please review our Privacy Policy.

Will I get any notification from allMATS that my order was received?
Yes. We will send you a confirmation e-mail as soon as we receive your order. We will also provide information on our site about the progress of your order. Use our Order Tracking button to check its status.

How can I find out about the status of my order?
If you placed your order online, use our Order Tracking button (located at the top of every page on our site) to check its status. Enter your Order Confirmation number to see when your order shipped and the shipping tracking number. If the status says, "In Progress", that indicates your order has not shipped yet or we have not been updated with the tracking information at the time of your inquiry.

My friend told me they wouldn't use their credit card online. Is it safe?
Yes, very safe! Rest assured that allMATS has the best online security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. You can trust that our order form is protected when you see the secure symbol, SSL secure symbol!, at the bottom or top of your web browser. Read our Privacy Policy for further discussion on the security measures in place on this site. In addition, our database does not store records of your credit card number.

When will my credit card be charged?
We typically charge your card when the order has been processed by the manufacturer. If we need to provide you with a shipping quote, we will contact you prior to charging your card to confirm the shipping costs. In either case, we do not charge your card until we have received final confirmation from you on the total charges.

Why was my credit card declined when I tried to place an order?
First of all, verify that the credit card number and billing address you entered is correct. Also, check the expiration date on the card to make sure it has not expired. Another reason for a card to be declined, is because you have reached the balance limit on your card. Our suggestion is to either try a different credit card or contact us direct to arrange other payment options.

The most likely reason your transaction was declined is due to a credit card security measure we use called AVS, Address Verification Service. The AVS system attempts to match the billing address you provided on your order with the billing address on file with the credit card's issuing bank. If they match, the order is authorized. If not, the transaction is declined. This is a security feature that many online merchants use to help prevent credit card fraud and protect the cardholder.

What should I do if my credit card authorization was declined?
DO NOT TRY TO RESUBMIT YOUR ORDER! If your order was declined, we will have a recorded copy of it and a possible reason as to why your transaction was declined. We will contact you directly to try and resolve the situation before proceeding with your order. This is for your own protection as well as ours!

Do you offer quantity discounts?
Yes. Quantity discounts on large volume orders are negotiated on an individual basis and determined at our discretion. Quantity discounts vary by product so please contact us for a free quote.

Can I use a check or money order to pay?
Yes. Select this option in the Payment Methods section and follow the instructions for mailing your payment to allMATS. Be sure to include your check or money order number before completing the order. This number must match the one on the check we receive. This is for your protection!

Why do I need the check number before finishing my order?
We ask that you provide us with the check number, so that we can match it up to the check we receive in the mail. This is for your protection! Please note that if the numbers do not match, we will not be able to accept it as payment and this will delay your order further.

I lost my receipt or forgot to print it out! Can I get a copy?
Yes. We keep a record of all orders placed electronically. Send a request for a copy to, and put "Request Copy of Receipt, Order # (Your Order # here!)" in the subject line of your e-mail.

Why were my shipping costs not calculated? The total shows $0.00
If the total weight of your order exceeds 150 pounds, your shipping charges will be $0 on your order. This is because 150 pounds is the maximum allowable shipping weight for UPS and FedEx Ground. Your order may still be able to ship via ground as long as a single product in your order doesn't exceed 150 pounds. Please feel confident, that the shipping options we quote you will be the most cost effective or convenient method. We will notify you with your final shipping costs prior to charging your credit card. If you have any concerns about the shipping costs for weight or your order, simply call us first before placing it and we can provide you with an accurate total.

I don't live in the USA. Can I still order a mat?
We can ship orders to Canada. We use UPS Select to ship to Canada. Please be advised that is not responsible for broker fees or any other government fees that may be assessed by any country. We can ship some of our products overseas, please contact us to check availability. Realistically, the shipping costs and insurance for overseas shipping may not be feasible for you. Our online order form is only set up to accept orders and payment for customers within the United States. International customers please contact us direct at 1-866-411-MATS or e-mail us at to obtain a shipping quote or place an order!

Can you ship orders to Alaska or Hawaii?
Yes. Typically we use Priority Mail from the United States Postal Service for small one and two item orders. As of 2005, UPS Ground now has delivery service to both states. For all orders, we ask that you contact us directly for a shipping quote toll free at 1-866-411-MATS.

Where do your mats ship from?
We have several locations that we ship from depending on the product you ordered. Please review our Shipping Information page to help identify where your product ships from. Please be advised that multiple product orders may ship from different locations and therefore not arrive at the same time.

How long before my order ships?
Please review our Shipping Information page to help identify the lead time on most products. All orders are typically processed within 48 hours. You should be aware of for your planning purposes, that some commercial mat sizes or colors have to be produced and may not be readily available for shipment. Production time for most commercial and custom mats is 5-7 days and an additional 5-7 for delivery. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks lead time to be safe. Custom Logo Mat orders have a quick turnaround of only 5-7 days. Please provide us with enough lead time to meet your request. On ocas si on during heavy volume months your order may be delayed up to a week longer if it has to be produced.

Which mail carrier or shipping company will deliver my mat?
This varies based on the weight and destination of your order. Typically, we ship Ground UPS for most of our items under 150 pounds. Some items may ship Federal Express. It mostly depends on the preference of the manufacturer. For products weighing over 150 pounds, we examine all available carrier options and notify you with the most cost effective or convenient solution. We do accept UPS and FedEx account numbers for commercial customers only.

Can I ship my order to more than one location?
Yes. Simply submit a new order for each of your shipping destinations. We do not split shipments on a single order.

I need my new mat by tomorrow! Can I get it rush delivery?
Anything is possible! Theoretically, you could get it in 2 days. The order would ship the same day it is processed. Expedited service has a significantly higher shipping cost. Realistically, it all depends on what product you order. We recommend that you order your mat a minimum of two weeks prior to the date you need it by. Proper planning can save you a lot of money on shipping! We suggest calling us directly for a shipping quote and to check availability prior to submitting an order that you must have by a specific date.

Can you ship to APO/FPO military addresses?
We use Priority Mail to ship small items to military bases. Larger items may need to ship Parcel Post. This is not recommended though as it is much more difficult to track and takes significantly longer to arrive. We always prefer a physical address to ship to.

Mats (101)
Is vinyl or rubber a better backing for a mat?
Nitrile Rubber backing is considered the better material for it's durability especially in cold weather conditions. Nitrile rubber surfaces are grease and chemical resistant. Over a long period of time Vinyl backed mats do not hold up as well in cold weather as the edges tend to chip or curl when they become brittle. Vinyl backed mats vary in quality just like anything else. They are fine for indoor use and on smooth surfaces. We recommend determining the application of the mat first and then decide which backing will serve your purpose. We provide complete specifications for each of our Entrance and Commercial mats on the respective product page.

How do I care for my new Yoga mat?
Each Yoga mat that we ship includes an Instruction Card to care for your new mat. We do not recommend machine washing any of our Yoga Mats. In addition, we suggest that you lay your new Yoga Mat out flat for at least one full day to remove any odors present from manufacturing. Wipe the mat with a damp cloth to remove dust and lint. Clean your mat with saddle soap or an "Organic Detergent". Dry by rolling the mat into a towel.

I love my new Utopian Yoga mat. Can I clean it?
Yes! Clean your mat with saddle soap or an "Organic Detergent". When your mat begins to lose it's tack from oils and residues from your skin, hand wash the mat using very little detergent and then dry by rolling the mat in a towel.

Company Info
Can I get a catalog of your products?
Yes and No! You may not have realized it but our website is a Virtual Online Catalog of all our products with images, specs and color selections! We are consistently adding new products, color and sizes to our line of matting products. To continuously update a product catalog for our customers would be very time consuming and costly. We have opted to keep our overhead low by not producing offline catalogs, thus passing this cost saving on to our customers. A simple analogy is to compare a new computer with a new product catalog. The moment you take your new computer out of the box you see an advertisement on TV for a better one and yours is already out dated. We eliminate this problem by providing our complete product catalog online which always includes the most current and up to date information available for you!

Where are you located?
Our Sales and Customer Service Department is located in Illinois. We do not sell direct or offer a retail outlet at our location. We utilize several distribution centers in the U.S.

Is my new mat guaranteed?
Yes. Most of our products have a 1 year warranty. However, some of our anti-fatigue mats carry up to a 3 year warranty or longer. The warranty is typically posted on the product page.

If you are simply not happy with your purchase, please contact us to receive a Return Authorization number. Our customer service policy is 100% Customer Satisfaction, 100% of the time! Customer service is our number one priority! For most products, allMATS will refund 100% of your purchase price less shipping costs within 30 days of your order date, if you're not completely satisfied. After 30 days, you will need to contact us to determine whether a product can be returned. We do not accept returns on any products manufactured by Better Life Technology. Be advised that some products carry a restocking fee. Please review our complete Return Policy for additional information and conditions.

What is your return policy?
You may read our Return Policy here. Our return policy varies for different products.

I need to cancel my order! What should I do?
Please contact us as soon as possible at 1-866-411-MATS to notify us. If your order has already shipped, it will be considered a Return not a cancellation! Please review our policy on cancellations in our Return Policy.

How do I get on your e-mail list to keep informed of new products?
You can simply send us your information to and we will add you to our customer database.

Who is Dean Lloyd Enterprises, Inc?
Dean Lloyd Enterprises, Inc. is the parent company of Dean Lloyd Enterprises, Inc. specializes in designing user-friendly websites that provide great products at great prices to a target audience of Internet consumers. To learn more about us and our business philosophy please read our About Us page. We maintain a second web-site called, that offers a variety of products to repel and deter nuisance birds and animals. - "Custom Mats Are Our Specialty!"

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