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Custom Powerblanket

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Dairy and AG Freeze Protection

Heat storage tanks, silos, drums, and totes
Year round temperature control for dairy
Cold weather produces a host of problems for dairy farmers & agriculture professionals. Freezing temperatures can spell disaster for crops, dairy products, holding tanks, and machinery. Powerblanket's patented heat transfer technology is helping protect & maintain temperature in these processes.

Farmers & agricultural operations rely heavily on Powerblanket's unique heating solutions to protect their products, crops, chemicals and equipment from freezing weather and harsh outdoor environments. There is not a better, faster, or cheaper method for insulating and heating temperature sensitive Dairy & AG products & processes.

Cheese producers & dairy farmers wrap their large tanks and dairy silos with Powerblanket for freeze protection and better flow control. Citrus growers use Powerblanket to wrap cylinders to maximize orchard propane heaters & equipment. Farmers use Powerblanket to heat chemicals in drums and totes prior to spraying. Processing plants utilize Powerblanket to wrap pipelines and flow equipment to eliminate frozen lines. It's light weight and very portable - installation and removal won't require expensive crews. Simply plug it in, and
Powerblanket heats rapidly in even the most severe weather conditions. Keep fluids and solids at consistent temperatures year round.

Products For Dairy & Agricultural Industry
Insulate, heat, and maintain temperature in dairy holding tanks & silos with Powerblanket full-wrap design.

View All Tank Wraps
Available in diameters up to 12"/30.5cm and lengths of 20'/6m. Connect multiple blankets to cover larger areas.

View All Pipe Wraps
Available in an assortment of shapes and sizes to heat everything from 5 gallon buckets to 55 gallon drums.

View All Drum Heaters
Powerblanket tote heaters are thermostat controlled and deliver a barrier of uniform heat to the entire blanket surface.

View All Tote Heaters

The Powerblanket Advantage is GreenHeat Technology
This patented heat spreading technology is the most energy efficient method of distributing heat to the entire blanket surface, providing a uniform barrier of insulated heat for superior temperature control and freeze prevention.
Powerblanket engineers the most durable outdoor blankets on the market by combining rugged UV Vinyls, welded seams, weatherproof materials, and space-age heaters!
Install, uninstall, and reinstall quickly without the hassles associated with traditional heat trace systems. Powerblanket® is lightweight, flexible, and available in an assortment of lengths, diameters, and sizes.
Powerblanket® Thawing Blankets utilize patented new materials to withstand even the most severe weather conditions at home, on the job site, or in the warehouse. Standard product rated to -10°F/-23°C. Arctic versions are rated to perform in temperatures as low as -40°F/-40°C.
Effective at temperatures down to -40°F/-40°C, Powerblanket® heated tank, pipe, and valve wraps offer around the clock protection for dairy and AG professionals. Engineered for thawing & freeze prevention. Excellent for holding tanks.
  • Protect cheese, lactose, and dairy products.
  • Maintain temperature in process equipment.
  • Protect temp. sensitive fluids & chemicals.
  • Freeze protection for valves & pipelines.
  • Safe on metal and poly tanks.
  • Uniform heat – no hot spots.
Powerblanket Provides Uniform Heat - "Custom Mats Are Our Specialty!"

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