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The Best of the Best all in one place! We've handpicked the best selling mats at and organized them by product category to help make your selection easier. If you're looking for the Reader's Digest version for choosing a great mat, this is the quick hit list.

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Anti-fatigue & Safety Industrial Matting Office Chair Mats
Anti-Static Mats Interlocking Mats & Tiles Pet Matting
Entrance Mats Kitchen & Food Service Runner Matting
Exercise/Equipment Mats Lab, Medical, Clean Room WaterHog Mats
Garage Floor Mats Logo Floor Mats
Heated Mats & Insulated Heated Blankets Marine Matting

Anti-Fatigue Matting and Safety Mats
Rejuvenator Anti-Fatigue mat Rejuvenator Ultra Soft-Cell
- Made of 100% Urethane.
- Keeps workers energized.
- Exceptional chemical resistance.
UltraSoft Diamond-Plate Anti-Fatigue Mat UltraSoft Diamond-Plate
- Double-thick sponge base.
- Abrasion and chemical resistant.
- Customizable width and length.
SMART Anti-fatigue Matting SMART Mats
- Economical and Eco-friendly.
- Diamond Plate or Tile-top surface.
- Comfortable and functional.
Ultra-Soft Tile-top SpongeCote Anti-Fatigue Matting Ultra-Soft Tile-Top
- Double-thick sponge base.
- Marbleized smooth surface.
- Ideal for salons and pharmacies!
Salon & Spa Anti-fatigue Matting Salon & Spa Mats
- 1 piece solid construction urethane mat.
- Punture-proof and heel proof.
- Comfortable and unparalled anti-fatigue relief.

Anti-Static Matting (Conductive Matting)
Electrically Conductive Anti-Fatigue Mat Conductive Anti-Fatigue
- Quickly drains static electricity.
Diamond Plate or smooth surface.
- Reduces standing worker fatigue.
Electrically Conductive Runner Electrically Conductive Runner
- Quickly drains static electricity.
- Diamond Plate or smooth surface.
- Use in aisles and heavy use areas.

Entrance Matting & Door Mats
Indoor and Outdoor Entrance Mats
WaterHog Classic Mat
WaterHog Classic Mat
- Raised nub design.
- Rubber water dam border.
- Waffle pattern design.
- Non-skid heavy rubber backing.
WaterHog ECO Premier Entrance Mat WaterHog ECO Premier
- Diamond-pattern design.
- Rubber water dam border.
- 50% heavier than WH Classic.
- Made from recycled content.
Tri-Grip Mat Tri-Grip Mat
- Anti-static nylon surface.
- Extremely versatile.
- Smooth or gripper backing.
- Square or rounded corners.
MultiGuard Finger Mat Multi-Guard Finger Mat
- Heavy duty flexible rubber fingers.
- Traps dirt below surface.
- Just shake off to clean.
Scrape Master Outdoor Mat Scrape Master
- Top-of-the line scraper!
- Heavy, durable rubber base.
- Grit-top surface.
- Repels water-dries quick!
Outfront Reversible Scraper Outfront Reversible Scraper
- Superior scraping 2 sides!
- Quick-dry drainage holes.
- Tapored border for safety.

Exercise Equipment & Workout Rooms
Enviro Exercise Mat Enviro Exercise Mat
- Industrial, recycled rubber.
- Cushioned impact resistance.
- Straight cut edges are ideal for exercise rooms and equipment.

Garage Matting & Garage Tiles
Roll Out Garage Flooring Covers and Protects Garage Floors All Year Round! Garage Floor Cover/Protector
- Roll out garage floor covering!
- Guard your floor year round!
- For home, commercial/industrial.
- Several surface patterns and colors.
Flexi-Tile Interlocking Tiles Flexi-Tile Interlock Tiles
- Versatile flooring system.
- Three surface patterns.
- Durable for heavy cart traffic.
- PVC. 20.5"x20.5" tile.
Clean Park Garage Mats
- Heavy duty 50 mil vinyl liner.
- Snow/water containment mat.
- Keeps garage floor clean and dry.
- Several lengths available.
Tuff-Seal Interlocking Garage Tiles Tuff-Seal Garage Tiles
- 18"x18"x1/4" thick.
- Hidden interlocking connection.
- Completely watertight.
- Quick and easy installation.

Heated Mats
Snow Melting Mats
Heated Floor Mats, Footwarmers Heated Footwarmer Mats
- Keeps feet warm in drafty areas.
- Two sizes to choose from.
- Uses less power than a lightbulb.
SummerStep Heated Snow Melting Mats Heated Snow Melting Mats
- Keep walkways and steps snow free.
- Connectable heated mats with waterproof plugs for unlimited configurations..
- Eliminates shoveling and harsh chemicals.

Powerblanket Insulated Heating Blankets & Heat Wraps
Engine & Equipment Heaters Engine & Equipment Heaters
- Heat outdoor motors and equipment.
- Eliminate "cold starts".
- Fast, even heat keeps fluids viscous and viable.
Drum, Bucket and Cylinder Heaters Drum, Bucket & Gas Cylinder Heaters
- Protect sensitive materials from freezing.
- Insulated heated blanket keeps containers warm.
- Even heat distribution.

Industrial and Specialty Matting
WeldSafe Welding Mat
WeldSafe Welding Mat
- Repels sparks and hot shards.
- High melt point.
Reduces standing worker fatigue.
Sanitizing Foot Bath Mat
Sanitizing Foot Bath Mat
Keeps hygienic areas free of contamination and germs.
- Great for food processing plants.
- Holds 1 gal. of disinfectant.

Interlocking & Modular Matting
Ergo Deck Modular Flooring Ergo Deck Modular Flooring
- 18" x 18" ergonomic PVC tiles.
- Features LockSafe system.
- For wet, dry or greasy areas.
- Handles cart traffic.
24/Seven Modular Flooring 24/Seven Modular Flooring
- Provides comfort 24/7!
- 5/8" thick, 3' x 3' interlocking tiles.
- Drainage or solid surface!
- 3 rubber surface compounds.
F.I.T. Interlocking Tiles F.I.T. Interlocking Tiles
- Versatile and comfortable!
- 12" x 12" tiles with LockSafe
- Solid or Open (drainage) design.
- Large sections can be rolled up.

Kitchen, Food Service and Drainage Matting
WorkSafe Drainage Mat WorkSafe Drainage Mat
- Extra-thick, rubber drainage mat.
- Water and debris flow thru easily!
- Beveled on all 4 sides.
Grade A Food Production Drainage Mat The Food Production Mat
- Anti-bacterial rubber composite.
- Built in handles.
- Increased traction for wet/greasy areas.

Lab, Medical, Pharmacy - Contamination Control Mats
Clean Room Mat Clean Room Mat
- Traps impurities in dust free areas.
- Tacky surface pulls dirt off shoes.
- Use where dirt control is a must.
PermaTack Contamination Control PermaTack
- For inside/outside clean rooms.
- Traps 98-100% of particles.
- Great dirt control solution.
Autoclavable Mat Autoclavable Mat
- Anti-fatigue for sterile rooms.
- 100% anti-microbial.
- Solid non-porous surface.
- Fits into standard autoclaves.
Soft Rock Mat Soft Rock Anti-Microbial Mat
- Anti-fatigue and anti-microbial.
- Chemical resistant surface.
- Easy to clean surface.
- Wide array of attractive colors.

Logo Floor Mats
DigiPrint Logo Floor Mats DigiPrint Logo Floor Mats
- Injection-dyed printed.
- 100% nylon surface.
- High traffic indoor use.
- No artwork or set up charges.
WaterHog Impressions Logo Floor Mat WaterHog Inlay Logo Mat
- Inlaid artwork.
- 100% UV nylon fabric.
- Holds up to 1.5 gal of water.
- No artwork or set up charges.

Marine/Boat Embroidered Mats
Personalized Embroidered Mats Personalized Boat Mats
- Mats can be used indoors/outdoors.
- Marine grade carpet and binded edges.
- Add an embroidered message.
Custom Gunwale Mats Custom Gunwale Mats
- Protects the sideboard.
- Marine grade carpet and binded edges.
- Add an embroidered message.

Office Chair Mats
Pet Matting
Chairmats for Carpet
Chairmats for Carpeted Surfaces
- Protects carpeted surfaces from wear.
- Variety of sizes and thicknesses.
- Makes rolling around smoother.
- No crack guarantee!
Pet Kennel Liner Pet Kennel Liner
- Comfort provides fatigue.
- Guards against sore paws.
- Rib design controls liquids.

Runner Matting
Corrugated Vinyl Runner Corrugated Vinyl Runner
- Most popular and versatile runner.
- Adds traction where needed.
- Vinyl material won't curl or shrink!
Radial Runner Radial Runner
- Highest rating for slip resistance!
- Raised studs create safer area.
- Offers "high-tech" look! - "Custom Mats Are Our Specialty!"

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