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Connect Residential Walkway Mats and Residential Stair Mats to cover any size area!
Residential Snow Melting Walkway Mat

20" x 60" Heated Walkway Mat
(Click Image to Enlarge)

HeatTrak's Residential Snow-Melting Mats melt snow on contact to prevent snow and ice accumulation on walkways and stairs around your home. Made of customized thermoplastic material, the mats are portable and are designed to be left outside all winter long! The snow melting mats generate heat to melt snow at a rate of 2" per hour leaving the pathway to your home clean and clear 24/7.

The Residential Snow-Melting Walkway Mat and Residential Snow-Melting Stair Mat can be
used independently or interconnected with one another to create a continuous system of snow melting mats. With the mats' built in watertight connector cables, you can connect Residential Mats to create your perfect snow melting solution - all on a single plug!

Every group of Residential Mats requires one GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) Power Cord (purchased separately) to connect the system to an electrical outlet. A customer can connect up to 5 Residential Walkway Mats, 15 Residential Stair Mats or any combination thereof (up to 13 amps) on a single Power Cord.

View how to connect the mats

Watch a video to see how easy it is to create your own snow melting solution!
*(Please note this will open up the YouTube Video player in a new window)

View Instruction Manual for Residential Mats

Things to remember:
*Residential Mats can only connect to Residential Mats. They do not connect to Industrial Products or the Heated Door Mat.
*Each set of Residential Snow-Melting Mats requires one Power Cord to connect the system to an electrical outlet. The Power Cord is purchased separately on your order. If your mats will cover more than one location, then you will need to order a power cord for each area.

Residentail Heated Stair Tread
Residential Carpeted Walkway Mat
Residential Carpeted Stair Tread
10" x 30" Heated Stair Tread
(Click Image to Enlarge)
30" x 60" Carpeted Walkway Mat
(Click Image to Enlarge)
10" x 48" Carpeted Stair Tread
(Click Image to Enlarge)


Item Number: MA-RES


30" x 60" Walkway mat is sold out for the season.

(*Please remember to order a Power Cord)

(Ships from CA)

Residential Snow Melting Mat Pricing
Product Size Price Watts Amps Weight
Walkway Mat
20" x 60" $139.95 300 2.5 18 lbs.
Stair Mat 10" x 30" $59.95 80 0.6 5 lbs.
Carpeted Walkway
30" x 60" $219.95 420 3.5 22 lbs.
Carpeted Stair 10" x 48" $99.95 120 1.0 6 lbs.
Power Cord 6' length $34.95
2 lbs.
20" Cable Ext. 20" length $14.95 1 lb.
25' Cable Ext. 25' length $39.95 5 lbs.
Thermostat Cable 10" length $49.95 2 lbs.
*You can easily determine how many walkway mats or combination of walkway mats and stair mats can go on one power cord. Add the amps together for each mat. If it exceeds 13 amps, then a second power cord will be required, plugged into a different outlet.

Accessories for your complete Residential Snow Melting Solution!
Residential Snow Melting Stair Mat
GFCI Power Unit
20 inch Cable Extender
25' Cable Extender
Thermostat Cable
10" x 30" Stair Mats
GFCI Power Unit
20" Cable Extender
25' Cable Extender
10" Thermostat Cable
This single mat measures 10" x 30" and is designed to be used on outdoor stairs. You can connect up to 15 Stair Mats on a single Power Unit or connect Stair Mats to Walkway Mats. Each set of Residential Mats requires one GFCI Power Unit to connect the system to an electrical outlet. You can connect up to 13 amps on a single Power Unit. If your connected mats exceed 13 amps, you will have to split up the mats and add a second Power Unit to plug into a separate outlet. Residential Mats connect with one another using their built-in watertight connectors. In some instances, you may need a 20-Inch Cable Extender to create longer cable connections between mats. Starting from the Power Unit, wherever a Residential Stair Mat leads to a Residential Walkway Mat you will need at least one 20 Inch Cable Extender or more.

If the electrical outlet on your house or facility is further than 6' from the heated mats you will need to use an outdoor rated cable extender. Multiple cable extenders can be connected together to create custom length cables. The 25-Foot Cable Extender and 20-Inch Cable Extender can also be connected together.

This thermostat will automatically turn on your mats when the temperature drops below 35 degrees (F). The Thermostat Extension Cable has an LED indicator that illuminates when the thermostat is activated. It will remain activated until the ambient temperature rises above 50 degrees (F). - "Custom Mats Are Our Specialty!"

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