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Anti-fatigue Vinyl Sponge Mats
The Industrial floor mat section contains products that are designed for specific applications in industrial and commercial facilities to prevent accidents, promote safety and improve work conditions. In addition, you will find sub-categories for Lab/Medical Mats, Contamination Control Mats for rooms that must remain sterile and products to minimize Mat Movement. We've recently added the Powerblanket line of heating blankets for drums, totes, containers and any other temperature sensitive materials that cannot get cold.

For covering warehouse floors or large areas, our featured product is
Flexi-Tile Interlocking Industrial Flooring.

Denotes Custom Sizes available!

Lab, Medical and Pharmacy Mats
Contamination Control Mats
Mat Movement Control Products
A range of matting products designed to provide anti-fatigue and improve overall worker productivity specifically in lab, medical and pharmacy settings. Be sure to review the New GelPRO Medical Mat! Contamination control mats to reduce or eliminate contamination, maintain efficient production and provide comfort for workers. Includes Clean room sticky mats.
Products that are designed to eliminate or minimize movement of mats on most floor surfaces. Review our new Grip Cote Non-slip Matting products to completely eliminate slipping and movement.
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Welding Mats Sanitizing Footbath Mat No. 222 Autoclavable Mat No. 580
Welding Mats Sanitizing Foot Bath Mat Autoclavable Sterile Mat
Designed specifically for use in welding areas, Welding mats are specifically designed from rubber compounds that resist hot sparks and hot metal shards from welding work stations. We offer interlocking welding mats and anti-fatigue welding mats.
Our Sanitizing Foot Mat keeps hygienic areas free of contamination and germs. Great for food processing plants, this mat has thousands of pliable rubber scrapers that dislodge contaminants from footwear.
The Autoclavable Mat provides comfort in sterile environments including operating rooms, pharmacies where medicines are mixed, laboratories, radiology rooms and HazMat areas. The SBR/Nitrile compound is resilient, and totally anti-microbial.

Heaters for Drums, Buckets & Containers Totes & Bulk Container Heaters Restroom Service Mats
Drums, Buckets & Container Heaters Totes & Bulk Container Heaters Restroom Service Mats

Stop hassling with hazardous heating belts and bulky warming ovens. Powerblanket Drum Heaters makes it easy to heat and warm your drums and barrels. Insulated full wrap design with built in thermostat for optimal heating performance.

Powerblanket Tote Heaters are flexible wrap around surface heaters delivering a barrier of heat to temperature sensitive materials. Offering 275 and 330 gallon blanket heaters. Quick and easy to install with adjustable nylon straps. Restroom service mats including urinal mats, sink mats and commode mats are treated with an anti-microbial agent to eliminate unpleasant odors that may cause bacteria.

Bubble Flex Ortho Stand #454 Emergency Shower Station No. 465
Bubble Flex Comfort Mat Ortho Stand Ergonomic Mat Emergency Shower Station Mat
Innovative air-pocket “bubble" design provides exceptional comfort. Sturdy rubber design withstands compression and extends the life of the mat. Grease and oil resistant.
Ergonomically designed to enhance worker comfort, Ortho Stand's unique hollow-domed surface encourages frequent, yet subtle changes in posture. This boosts circulation and results in greater comfort and less fatigue throughout the day.

Use under Emergency Showers or Eyewash Stations to draw attention to the emergency equipment and to keep accident victims from slipping. A full 7/8" thick with drainage ports throughout.

Counter Tred Slotted LightWorks Inspection Mat Safety Track No. 698
Counter-Tred Drainage Mat LightWorks Inspection Mat Safety Track Tape
Heavy Duty 1/2'' open slot design rubber matting with nylon fibers (as tough as a tire). Manufactured with 80% recycled rubber content. Superb drainage for wet oily areas.
LightWorks Inspection Mat is designed for applications requiring quality assurance through visual inspection, this mat is ideal for painting and finishing areas. Use Safety Track for long lasting traction on ramps, ladders and walkways. In any indoor area, Safety Track adheres to clean, dry surfaces including wood, metal, or concrete.

Minimize Mat Movement with Safety Tape
Learn how to minimize mat movement with our specialty safety tapes. Grip Cote Non-Slip coating is a water based formula that can be applied to the bottom of any mat to make it non-slip. - "Custom Mats Are Our Specialty!"

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