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Ergonomic Interlocking Tiles that create a floor above the floor.

ErgoDeck is an Ergonomic Flooring System engineered to adapt the work environment to the needs of the worker. The substantial, professional grade 18" x 18" modular floor tiles create an ergonomic floor above the regular floor. Designed to enhance the comfort and productivity of standing workers. Once installed, ErgoDeck is totally seamless, without maintenance or safety headaches. ErgoDeck matting can withstand heavy use and can be unlocked and repositioned to create different configurations. We offer ErgoDeck anti-fatigue tiles in several variations, including a solid surface tile and an open flow through design, to meet the demands of any commercial or industrial application. No area is too large or too small for ErgoDeck modular floor tiles! View the complete selection of ErgoDeck Flooring below.

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ErgoDeck Interlocking Tiles

Click image on left to enlarge.

Available in seven designs

ErgoDeck Heavy Duty
(Formerly called Original)

ErgoDeckMAX Cushioned

ErgoDeck General Purpose
(Formerly called SOFT)

ErgoDeck Comfort

ErgoDeck Cleated

ErgoDeck ESD

ErgoDeck Smooth

Benefits of ErgoDeck Modular Flooring:

  • 18" x 18" x 7/8" Super-sized tiles quickly and securely interlock for a seamless install able to withstand heavy use.
  • Perfect for lean manufacturing. ErgoDeck tiles can be unlocked and repositioned when work-flow changes.
  • Customize in 3" increments to fit almost any area.
  • Substantial design provides comfort for all standing workers over large areas.
  • Covers up floor imperfections and safety hazards.
  • Optional 6" side safety ramps and corners have countersunk holes for permanent floor installation.
  • ErgoDeck Tiles have slightly textured, flat surface designs. This provides excellent traction while facilitating workflow and wheel traffic.
  • New ErgoDeck Cable Bridge Kits cover unsightly cables and wire and prevent tripping hazards.
  • View Installation Guide.

Wet Area & Oily Area Solutions

ErgoDeck Open Grid is designed for use in wet, non-greasy areas and also in dry areas where small debris is present. The GritWorks! version of this open design are best suited for areas exposed to slippery fluids such as greases and light oils. GritWorks! dramatically increases traction and worker safety.

Solid GritWorks! tiles are also designed for wet areas, but are best suited for areas where over spray or tracking of grease and oil could cause slip hazards. GritWorks! is available for the Heavy Duty (HD) and General Purpose (GP) formulations.

ErgoDeck Cleated is a new surface designed for when long lasting, high performance slip protection is essential. Especially for applications where oil spills are a common slipping hazard.
Dry Area Solutions
ErgoDeck Solid is ideal for dry areas and developed for ease of maintenance.

ErgoDeckMAX is ideal for dry areas and developed for premium comfort for standing workers.

ErgoDeck Smooth is ideal for areas with rolling chairs or cart traffic.

ErgoDeck ESD is ideal for dry areas where sensitive equipment requires protection from static shock.

Which product is right for your application?
Seven styles of ErgoDeck Flooring are available in either a solid surface or open grid drainage surface. Click on the Product Page button to view full product details and pricing.
ErgoDeck Heavy Duty ErgoDeck Heavy Duty (HD) (Formerly Called Original)

ErgoDeck Heavy Duty is best suited for heavy cart and foot traffic. The harder compound allows carts to roll with ease, while the box spring design provides structural support necessary for heavy loads and impact absorption for health and comfort.

ErgoDeck Heavy Duty is available in both a Solid surface and Open drainage design. GritWorks can be added to either surface wherever extra traction is required.

Stock Colors: HD Solid or Open - Black; HD - Solid Blue

ErgoDeckMax ErgoDeckMAX - Cushioned Diamond Plate (NEW!)

ErgoDeckMax combines the modular flexibility and performance of our ErgoDeck tiles with our proprietary Nitricell premium sponge base, creating a unique modular flooring system that provides superior comfort where needed.

ErgoDeckMAX utilizes the same patented LockSafe Interlock System as all of the products in the ErgoDeck family which offers complete flexibility when designing a custom interlocking floor and inserting anti-fatigue comfort where needed.

Stock Colors: Charcoal or Black Diamond Plate surface

ErgoDeck General Purpose ErgoDeck General Purpose (GP) (Formerly Called SOFT!)

ErgoDeck GP addresses worker health and comfort for areas with primarily foot traffic and light cart traffic. The underneath structural design has the same box spring patten as HD, but uses a softer compound for greater comfort and reduced heel strike.

ErgoDeck GP is available in both a Solid surface and Open drainage design. GritWorks can be added to either surface wherever extra traction is required.

Stock Colors: GP Solid or Open Charcoal or White

ErgoDeck Comfort ErgoDeck Comfort

ErgoDeck Comfort is the latest addition to the ErgoDeck family that delivers optimal standing comfort. How? It's not the compound, but in the engineering. This spring-only material design compresses more underfoot for a rubber like feel, but with the secure connections and customization that only ErgoDeck can deliver.

ErgoDeck Comfort is available in both a Solid surface and Open drainage design.

Stock Colors: Solid or Open - Charcoal

ErgoDeck Cleated ErgoDeck Cleated

ErgoDeck Cleated is the newest product in the ErgoDeck line of interlocking flooring that takes anti-slip protection and safety to a whole new level, without sacrificing standing comfort. ErgoDeck Cleated has been engineered with integrated no-slips cleats on the top surface. This innovative design provides long lasting, high peformance slip prevention where gritted products tend to fail. Available in both a Solid surface and Open drainage design.

ErgoDeck ESD ErgoDeck ESD

ErgoDeck ESD is your best defense against fatigue and static shock that could compromise the quality of your products. Made of a proprietary TPO/Carbon blend, the ESD properties are throughout the entire tile. No snaps or additional grounding is necessary when used over conductive flooring.

ErgoDeck Smooth ErgoDeck Smooth (NEW!)

Ideal for cart traffic and pivoting, ErgoDeck Smooth™ is a high performance anti-fatigue surface that makes rolling, stopping and starting movements easier than ever. Unlike soft mats that deform under load, ErgoDeck Smooth features a firm, lightly textured surface delivers a smooth surface for rolling but without compromising traction - "Custom Mats Are Our Specialty!"

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