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Wearwell Matting Company

Rejuvenator is the ultimate ergonomic floor in terms of comfort and construction. This customizable urethane is the “best of the best”. Why urethane? It is a perfect combination of extremely high performance and exceptional comfort. The robust, abrasion resistant exterior skin totally encapsulates the resilient, crush-resistant urethane sponge interior creating a mat that is virtually indestructible. An elevated square-grid surface creates an appealing symmetrical look for industrial, laboratory, pharmaceutical or commercial environments. Ideal for mostly dry areas, Rejuvenator is also very resistant to a wide variety of chemicals and fluids, and to a wide range of temperatures. Rejuvenator has a 10 year resilience warranty meaning that it will not crush down.

Rejuvenator is available in a variety of sizes and configurations for a clean consistent look in all areas of your facility. Please scroll all the way down to view all product options.

Rejuvenator Modular Flooring - Interlocking Tiles for Unique Work Areas or Entire Floors
Rejuvenator Modular-Squared

Rejuvenator Squared Surface

(Click for larger image)
3’ x 3’ tiles that connect on all four sides to create an exceptional ergonomic floor that can be fully customized to any shape or configuration. NEW! 1' x 3' size allows customized floors in 1' increments! Optional 2” wide bevels increase safety. 2" x 39" bevels available in black or yellow. Available in a raised Squared or Domed surface.

Rejuvenator Configuration

Rejuvenator Modular-Domed Surface

Rejuvenator Domed Surface

(Click for larger image)

Rejuvenator Runners for Aisles that Require Long Runner Lengths
Rejuvenator Connect Runners Interlocking ends and centers are also available to quickly and easily fabricate long runners. These runner components have built in borders that eliminate the need for separate edging and reduces costs and installation time.

2’ x 5’ and 3’ x 5’ sizes are available in Ends and Centers to create long runs of ergonomic matting. Order one end mat with male connectors and one end with female connectors, then order as many center mats as you need to reach your desired length. Available in a raised Squared or Domed surface.

Please note you can not extend the width of these mats only the length.

Rejuvenator Connect Ends and Centers

Rejuvenator for Single Workstation Areas (No Connectors)
Rejuvenator Connect Single Mats 2' x 3', 2’ x 5’ and 3’ x 5’ single workstation mats with the same surface design as the available runners and interlocking 3’ x 3’ tiles give your facility a clean and consistent look with the same comfortable product throughout. This product has no interlocking tabs for connecting mats together. These mats have molded in bevels. No additional edges are required. Available in a raised Squared or Domed surface. Same price for either surface.
Rejuvenator Connect for Single Workstations

Rejuvenator Modular Flooring
Price Each

Item Number: 502




Ramp Color: (Only for Modular Tiles)

(Ships from TN)

3' x 3' Interlocking Tiles $155.75
1' x 3' Interlocking Tiles $57.10
2" x 39" Male Ramp (Black or Yellow) $33.80
2" x 39" Female Ramp (Black or Yellow) $33.80
Rejuvenator Runner Flooring
2' x 5' Runner - Center Mat $148.60
2' x 5' Runner - End Mat (Male Connectors) $148.60
2' x 5' Runner - End Mat (Female Connectors) $148.60
3 x 5' Runner - Center Mat $208.65
3' x 5' Runner - End Mat (Male Connectors) $208.65
3' x 5' Runner - End Mat (Female Connectors) $208.65
Rejuvenator Single Workstation Mats
2' x 3' Single Workstation Mat $86.10
2' x 5' Single Workstation Mat $136.67
3' x 5' Single Workstation Mat $192.30

Rejuvenator Ultra Soft-Cell No. 501 Thickness

Rejuvenator Ultra Soft-Cell No. 501 Rating

View a Flash Presentation on the Benefits of Urethane.
Product Specs

Uses: All dry work areas
Compound: 100% Urethane
Compression: .3 in @ 35 psi per ASTM D575
Coefficient of Friction: .75 Dry per ASTM F1677, Wet: .28
Tabor Abrasion: < 1% lost @ 1,000 cycles per Fed. Std. 191
Tensile Strength: 5 lbs.x per sq. inch per ASTM D412
Flammability: "A" Rating per MVSS 302
Temperature Range: -50 to 250 degrees F. per ASTM D1056
Edging: Optional, Black or Yellow ramps for modular flooring
Thickness: Approx. 5/8"
Color: Black


MSDS PDF for #501 Material Safety Data Sheet

MSDS PDF for #501 Installation Guide - "Custom Mats Are Our Specialty!"

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