Rejuvenator Matting

Rejuvenator matting is the ultimate modular ergonomic flooring in terms of comfort and construction. This customizable urethane matting is the “best of the best”. Why urethane? Urethane is a perfect combination of extremely high performance and exceptional comfort. The robust, abrasion resistant exterior skin totally encapsulates the resilient, crush-resistant urethane sponge interior creating a mat that is virtually indestructible. An elevated square-grid surface creates an appealing symmetrical look for industrial, laboratory, pharmaceutical or commercial environments. Ideal for mostly dry areas, Rejuvenator floor matting is also very resistant to a wide variety of chemicals and fluids, and to a wide range of temperatures. Rejuvenator has a 10 year resilience warranty meaning that it will not crush down. Rejuvenator matting is available in a variety of sizes and configurations for a clean consistent look in all areas of your facility.

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