24-Seven #576 Profile24-Seven Drainage with Grit
24/Seven Open with Gritworks
24-Seven #576 Profile
24-Seven Drainage with Grit

24-Seven Drainage with GritWorks

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24-Seven Drainage with GritWorks is named for its ability to work 24/7 to keep your employees comfortable, we’ve taken this mat a step further by adding our improved GritWorks! to the surface. 24/Seven GritWorks! offers almost 40% more traction than OSHA recommends in wet areas. A single workstation mat with drainage holes, it has a hidden interlocking system designed to connect on all four sides making it perfect for covering large areas. Easily attached 3″ wide safety beveled edges provide safe employee access.

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24-Seven Drainage with GritWorks is available in two compounds:

CFR – a 50% Nitrile Compound Fluid Resistant formulation for areas with mineral oil-based cutting fluids exposed to chemical spills or caustic cleaning agents.

NBR – a 100% Nitrile rubber compound for areas with petroleum-based fluids – these include petrochemicals such as Hydrocarbons, Naphthenes, Paraffins and Petroleum distillates

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3' x 3' CFR Formulation, 3' x 3' Nitrile Formulation


Stock Sizes (3′ x 3′)Price
24/Seven GritWorks – CFR$112.65
24/Seven GritWorks – Nitrile$122.60
Customized Mats
If you have special contours or a large size, let us make it for you. Customized sizes of 24/Seven GritWorks mats are permanently locked together, available in 12″ increments and are only limited by weight and shipping requirements.
CFR – to 15′ W x 60′ LQuoted
Nitrile – to 15′ W x 60′ LQuoted
Please call to order large quantities of 24/7, 1-866-411-6287.
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Product Specs

Uses: Wet areas or Dry areas
Compound: CFR – 50% Nitrile rubber or NBR – 100% Nitrile Rubber
Durometer: 60 per ASTM D2240
Coefficient of Friction: 1.10 Dry 1.10 Wet per ASTM F1677
Tabor Abrasion: <1 % lost @ 1,000 cycles per Fed Std. 193
Flammability: “A” Rating per MVSS 302
Thickness: 5/8″
Color: Black
Warranty: 1 year conditional
Edging: Optional 3″ wide safety beveled
Edging Colors: Black, Yellow

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