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Unique Classic Salon Runner Mats
Unique Classic Runner Mats
Unique Classic Runner Mat
Unique Classic Runner Salon Mat

Anti-Fatigue Runner Mats

From $95.00

Anti-fatigue Runner mats reduce fatigue and discomfort for workers who stand in one spot for long periods. Our revolutionary design interacts with the body to reduce stress and strain while prompting better posture, proper circulation, and an overall sense of well-being. Properly addressing this concern with the proper salon runner mat will improve performance, general spirits and health.

The Unique Runner Series Anti-fatigue mats offer one-piece solid construction handcrafted in molds from the highest grade polyurethane available. Our Unique Salon runner matting is the preferred choice in many salons, spas, massage therapies and other professional office settings.

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Anti fatigue Runner  mats are available in a variety of widths and lengths to fit most workstations and counter areas. The built in 20 degree beveled safety edge makes for easy walk up and cart access. Of course the best feature of all –  Anti-Fatigue runners are heel proof and puncture proof

Additional Features:

  • Pliable wear surface offers better abrasion resistance compared to one-piece polyurethane foam mats.
  • Better tear strength than vinyl mats. 
  • Puncture proof and high-heel proof.
  • Produced in Canada using the highest-grade polyurethane.
  • Fully foamed beveled edge design reduces trip hazards.
  • Anti-fatigue runner mats always lay flat leaving no air gap.
  • Comfortable, lightweight material is engineered for immediate impact absorption and optimal flexibility.
  • Shock absorption reduces fatigue on tired legs and back.
  • Color black only.
  • Five year limited warranty. 


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1525SM, 2444AF, 22AF, 32AF, 42AF, 52AF, 62AF, 82AF, 33AF, 43AF, 53AF, 63AF, 83AF, 44AF, 454AF, 54AF, 64AF, 84AF


Salon Runner Mats Pricing Table
2.5′ long x 1.5′ wide5/8″$95.00
44″ long x 3′ wide5/8″$143.00
2′ long x 2′ wide5/8″$96.00
3′ long x 2′ wide5/8″$113.00
4′ long x 2′ wide5/8″$169.00
5′ long x 2′ wide5/8″$182.00
6′ long x 2′ wide5/8″$198.00
8′ long x 2′ wide5/8″$245.00
3′ long x 3′ wide5/8″$175.00
4′ long x 3′ wide5/8″$194.00
5′ long x 3′ wide5/8″$237.00
6′ long x 3′ wide5/8″$256.00
8′ long x 3′ wide5/8″$331.00
4′ long x 4′ wide5/8″$245.00
4.5′ long x 4′ wide5/8″$259.00
5′ long x 4′ wide5/8″$272.00
6′ long x 4′ wide5/8″$333.00
8′ long x 4′ wide5/8″$425.00


Health Benefits

Medically Proven

  • Suspends body weight reducing stress on back, knees and feet
  • Encourages re-balancing
  • Decreases long term injuries and prolongs stylist career
  • Reduces fatigue and stress on back and lower joints
  • Dramatically reduces trip hazards
  • Used and recommended by many health care professionals
  • Reduces employee healthcare costs


The manufacturer recommends using a mild all-purpose cleaner of a Wet Swiffer and Dry Swiffer.  Do not use Wax or products that will leave a residue. This is not a complete list of cleaners nor is it an endorsement or advertisement for any product. Ensure the floor is completely dry and free from cleaning residue before the placement of the salon mat on the floor.

Unique salon mats should be stored flat. However, they may be rolled and stored for short periods of time. Roll the mat with elastomeric top surface to the outside and the soft foam to the inside. Failure to roll the mat correctly may result in damage to the mat and will not be covered under the Warranty program.


How do I clean my Salon Mat?
Salon Mats are very easy to clean. You can use any common household or commercial cleaner. The mats can also be swept, mopped, steam cleaned or stick vacuumed as needed.
Are Salon mats environmentally friendly?
Yes, mats have a greater life expectancy keeping Salon mats out of the landfills thus contributing to a greener environment. Salon mats are 100% recyclable and are made into shoe soles, carpet padding, ‘crash pads’ for playgrounds and select gym equipment to name a few.
Will my Salon Mat stain my floor?
No, Salon mats are free of the paints and coatings that cause staining; our unique proprietary engineering allows the color pigment to be directly injected into the polyurethane.
Do Salon mats have any kind of odor?
No, the polyurethane construction of Salon mats does not have any odors and does not produce “off-gassing”, unlike rubber and vinyl mats.
Can I order a custom size Salon mat?
What does anti-microbial mean?
Anti-microbial is a term given to an object that is capable of destroying or inhibiting the growth of disease-causing micro-organisms. Other mats use additive Anti-microbial liquid bases to coat their mats. Coated type mats tend to wear off over time and could cause the growth of bacteria. Salon mats are anti-microbial by design…inherent in our material formulation.
Where can Salon mats be used?
Salon mats can be used anywhere in the salon/spa or home where standing occurs. Our mats are perfect for reception areas, work stations, behind wash bowls, next to massage/spa tables or color station.
What does the 5 year warranty cover?
Our warranty guarantees that your Salon mat’s edge will never curl up creating trip hazards. Your mat will not separate or delaminate, meaning they will never “bubble up” or tear. Salon mats will never compress, lose their shock absorbing qualities, or “comfort”. Your mat will never wear through, regardless of traffic.
Are Salon mats safe and non-toxic?
Yes. Polyurethane contains no PVC’s and has been rigorously tested and proven to be safe. Also, it does not produce any off-gasses, thus no noxious odors.
Do I need to worry about walking on my Salon mat with high heels or other ‘pokey’ style shoes?
No, Salon mats are puncture resistant so high heels, stiletto style shoes and even sports shoes will not harm the mat.


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