Clean Park Garage Mat

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The Clean Park Garage Mat catches every drop of mud, slush and grime that falls from your vehicle, keeping your garage floor cleaner, and prevents tracking dirt and mud indoors. The Clean Park water containment mat makes garage floors safer by keeping walk areas dry and preventing accidental slipping or falling.

Place a Clean Park Garage Mat under each vehicle and keep your garage floors clean, dry and safe!

Two grades of material available. Heavy-duty 50 ml vinyl is recommended for cars that drive on gravel roads that may trap pebbles in the tire treads.

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Clean Park Garage Mat – Standard 20 mil vinyl holds gallons of water.
– 50 mil Heavy-duty grade is 150% thicker!
– Vinyl material is similar to a pool liner.
– 1″ raised snap-on edges contain water and debris.
– Available in Grey vinyl with matching edges.
– One Year Limited Warranty on 20 ml standard mats!
– New! Three Year Limited Warranty on 50 ml heavy-duty mats!

– Several sizes available! We feature 2 special sizes:
3′ x 4′ Oil Drip Mat for autos and gas powered equipment.
4.5′ x 9′ mat for motorcycles, golf carts, and tractors.*For vehicles with studded snow tires or tire chains we recommend protecting your Clean Park Garage Mat with a set of 50-ml Clean Park Vinyl Protector Strips.

*Assembly is required. Click the DETAILS TAB for actual assembly instructions.


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3' x 4', 4.5' x 9', 7.5' x 14', 7.5' x 16', 7.5' x 18', 7.5' x 20', 7.5' x 22', 9' x 20', 9' x 22'


20 ml Standard, 50 ml Heavy-Duty


Clean Park Garage Mats Price List
PRODUCT Size 20 ml Standard 50 ml Heavy-Duty
Clean Park Oil Drip Mat
3′ x 4′ $50.15 $64.55
Motorcycle/Golf Cart Mat
4.5′ x 9′ $140.30 $205.80
Small Garage Mat
7.5′ x 14′ $213.00 $333.45
Medium Garage Mat
7.5′ x 16′ $232.35 $364.65
Standard Garage Mat
7.5′ x 18′ $251.35 $393.00
Large Garage Mat
7.5′ x 20′ $270.60 $424.65
Extra Long Garage Mat
7.5′ x 22′ $290.35 $458.45
Extra Large Garage Mat 9′ x 20′ $338.55 NA
Super Size Garage Mat 9′ x 22′ $365.10 NA


Clean Park Garage Mat

Selecting the Proper Size
Most four-door sedans are, bumper to bumper, 18′ long and 6′ wide. Today’s standard garage measure 20′ long. You want to choose a Park Smart Clean Mat that will give you a 6″ – 12” border around the car and still fit within your garage. A good rule to follow is simply add a foot to the width and length of your vehicle and then select a mat size that is close or slightly larger.

Should you change cars, the size isn’t critical, because the wheel bases don’t vary much. If you purchase a smaller vehicle turn the excess vinyl material under, and adjust your snap-on edges to accommodate the smaller size. Also, if you prefer not to display the Clean Park Mat logo you can flip it over and use the other side. It works just as well!

Cleaning Instructions
Clean-up is easy!
Remove a segment of your Snap-On Edge closest to the garage door and sweep, blow or hose away dirt and debris. A squeegee is helpful to remove all the water or slush. A wet/dry vac may also be useful for heavy water. Remove and replace the Snap-On end section as needed to facilitate easy cleanup!

Assembly Instructions
The Snap-On Edges come in 24” segments for the length and 18” segments for the width. They accommodate ALL sizes of the Clean-Park Mats. (Your order will include the appropriate amount). Once you have your mat in place, attach the interlocking edge pieces starting with one of the special corner pieces and work your way along each side. The pieces will encircle the entire mat sealing it in, creating a barrier that holds in liquid, mud and debris.(Please click below on the manual for complete details. Some restrictions apply.)

*View Assembly Instructions (PDF format)


CAUTION! Clean Park Garage Mats are slippery when wet!

Special Note:
If your vehicle has studded snow tires or uses tire chains, please call before ordering. Special installation will be required to protect your Clean Park.

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