Designer Floor Protector - Prism Design for Hard FloorsDesigner Floor Protector - Linear Design for Hard FloorsDesigner Floor Protector - Moresque Design for Carpets
Designer Floor Protector with dirty puppy on it
Designer Floor Protector - Prism Design for Hard Floors
Designer Floor Protector - Linear Design for Hard Floors
Designer Floor Protector - Moresque Design for Carpets

Designer Floor Protector


Designer Floor Protector brings a new attitude to the floor runner category. Unlike traditional carpet runners, the Designer Floor Protector offers a stylish look that creates a beautiful accent for home or office. Designer Floor Protector is thicker than most average floor runners and protects carpets or hard flooring surfaces. The Designer floor runner is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic in hallways, entryways and other common areas.

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Designer Floor Protector protects carpets and hard flooring surfaces from damage and dirt from heavy foot traffic. Designer Floor Protector for carpet or hard floors protects your flooring surface while creating a beautiful accent for your office or home. Clean, contemporary looks enhance hallways, entryways, copy machine stations and other areas with high foot traffic.

  • Three designs: Moresque for carpets, Linear and Prism for hard floors.
  • Designer Floor protector is thicker than traditional floor runners.
  • Ideal for heavy traffic areas in hallways and entryways.
  • Available in 27” width rolls.
  • Made in USA.

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11005-Moresque Matte Carpet Runner, 11006-Linear Hard Floors Runner, 11007-Prism Matte Hard Floor Runner


11000527″ x 80′Clear67 lbs.Carpet$272.50
11000627″ x 80′Clear65 lbs.Hard Floor$272.50
11000727″ x 80′Clear67 lbs.Hard Floor$272.50



Chair Mat No-Crack Warranty

ES ROBBINS’ No-Crack chairmats are guaranteed free from defects in material and workmanship at the time of sale to original purchaser and will not crack, chip, break or shatter under normal use.

Warranty is void with use of metal casters; placement of furniture or other stationary objects on the chairmat; use of chairmat in an application not recommended for that particular model; cutting or altering of the chairmat in any way and does not cover variations in mat color.

ES ROBBINS will replace a defective chairmat with a like or similar product upon completion of the warranty process. To submit a warranty claim, please contact directly at 1-866-411-MATS. You will need an invoice, packing slip, receipt or your chairmat label as proof of purchase, along with a sample section of your chairmat.

Once approved, your mat will be replaced at no cost. In some cases it may be determined that a higher-grade chairmat is required for your application. If so, your mat may be upgraded for a nominal fee and the replacement mat will carry a new warranty. Return shipping and handling charges will apply on select warranty claims. Replacement mats will arrive approximately 3 weeks after approval of claim.




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