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Powerblanket Xtreme Drum Heater 55 gallon
Powerblanket Drum Heater secure straps
Powerblanket Xtreme Drum Heater 30 gallon
Powerblanket Drum Heater 30 gallon
Powerblanket Drum Heater 5 gallon rear view
Powerblanket Drum and Barrel Heater
Powerblanket Lite Bucket Heater
Powerblanket Concrete Curing Blankets - Medium Duty Heat 15 amp plug

Drum and Barrel Heaters

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Drum and Barrel Heaters by Powerblanket deliver uniform heat to keep optimal temperatures for materials stored in drums, barrels, buckets and pails. Stop messing with hazardous heating belts and large bulky warming ovens. Utilizing patented GreenHeat Technology, Powerblanket takes the hassle out of heating your temperature sensitive materials. Available in both fixed temperature and adjustable temp models to insure you never over or under heat your materials again.

Powerblanket drum & bucket heaters are more efficient and use considerably less energy that conventional band heaters. Test results show Powerblanket to be significantly more effective than band heaters at warming and insulating drums and barrels. Powerblanket is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable method for heating and maintaining the optimal temperature of your industrial materials. Our new Rapid-Ramp heating technology drum heaters cuts heat time in half.

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Drum and barrel heaters by Powerblanket provide an industry best heating solution for storing temperature-sensitive materials. Barrel heaters and drum warmers provides safe, uniform heat to the entire surface of the storage container, eliminating hot and cold spots within. Powerblanket drum and barrel heaters consume less energy than traditional band heaters. They are water resistant and can be used on poly and steel drums. Powerblanket drum warmers are very easy to install and are competitively priced. Drum heaters maintain optimal temperature during both storage and use and protect from containers from freezing. If stored properly, chemicals and industrial products will last longer, and you will save time, hassle, and money.

  • Heat drums, barrels, buckets and pails that store water, petroleum, chemicals, food products and more.
  • Provide freeze protection and protect temperature sensitive liquids.
  • New Powerblanket Lite band heaters are for heating applications that don’t require a full wrap drum heater.
  • Fixed temp models (100 °F) include Rapid Ramp heating technology.
  • Adjustable temperature models can heat to 145 ºF on PRO models.
  • Insulated full-wrap design with cinch straps to secure tight fit.
  • Three individual heat zones on PRO model drum heaters automatically adjusts to varying fluid levels on PRO models.
  • Powerblanket Xtreme model provides maximum freeze protection to -60ºF in extreme cold climates.
  • Certified to UL / CSA safety standards

Additional information

Weight N/A
Product Class

Standard, Xtreme, Lite


Caulk warmer, 1 gallon pail, 2 gallon pail, 5 gallon bucket, 15 gallon drum, 30 gallon drum, 55 gallon drum

Thermostat Type

Fixed Internal Thermostat (100º F), Adjustable Controller (145º F max temp)


120 Volt, 240 Volt

All models are 120 volt power unless noted otherwise.
Model # Standard
Volume Wattage
(± 5%)
(± 5%)
Drum Heaters with Rapid Ramp technology feature an accelerated initial heat-up time which quickly raises the temperature of fluids to 100° F max. Once the blanket achieves 100° F – it reduces power consumption to a lower wattage and maintains the preset 100° F temperature.
$291.00 $322.00 16″ x 47″ 5 gal 60/120 0.50/1.00 4 lbs
$393.00 $452.00 25″ x 54″ 15 gal 160/320 1.33/2.67 7 lbs
$476.00 $530.00 32″ x 72″ 30 gal 280/560 2.33/4.67 10 lbs
$556.00 $619.00 36″ x 82″ 55 gal 400/800 3.33/6.69 13 lbs
Powerblanket Pro series drum heaters come standard with a digital thermostatic controller allowing you to accurately control the temperature of valuable fluids and chemicals up to a max temp of 145° F.
$505.00 $556.00 16″ x 47″ 5 gal 160 1.33 6 lbs
$668.00 $744.00 25″ x 54″ 15 gal 400 3.33 9 lbs
$763.00 $848.00 32″ x 72″ 30 gal 720 6.00 12 lbs
$813.00 $900.00 36″ x 82″ 55 gal 800 6.67 15 lbs
$880.00 36″ x 82″ 55 gal 800 6.67 15 lbs
Powerblanket Lite band heaters have an internal preset thermostat (125° ± 5°F) and are designed to provide just the right amount of heat where you need it most to keep your products safe from freezing. Add Powerblanket Lite band heaters incrementally as needed. 
PBLCAUW $102.00 12.5″ x 17″ NA 45 .38 2 lbs
PBLG1G $78.00 1 gal pail 1 gal 45 .38 2 lbs
PBLG2G $85.00 2 gal pail 2 gal 45 .38 3 lbs
$96.00 10″ x 42″ 5 gal 120 1.00 2 lbs
$102.00 15″ x 53″ 15 gal 181 1.51 3 lbs
$146.00 17″ x 70″ 30 gal 280 2.33 4 lbs
$197.00 11″ x 78″ 55 gal 240 2.00 3 lbs
(Full wrap design)
$338.00 36″ x 82″ 55 gal 400 3.33 10 lbs


Drum Heaters – The Best (and Easiest) Solution to Your Sensitive Material Storage from Powerblanket on Vimeo.


If you are even the least bit experienced with using inferior band heaters to heat or store barrels of chemicals or other materials, you will immediately recognize the superior performance and quality of Powerblanket’s drum heater design. Powerblanket industrial heating blankets deliver the absolute best value among temperature-controlled heating devices. Choose from three product classes for your desired level of temperature control.

Powerblanket Drum Heater Product Models

Drums, Buckets and Barrel Products In Your Industry
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Powerblanket Custom Heating Solutions

Powerblanket provides custom heating solutions and maximum freeze protection to -40°F for a wide variety of applications. Heating, insulating, thawing, and protecting fluids from harsh outdoor environments is our specialty. Custom heating solutions are available in just about any size or diameter to fit most custom applications across multiple industries. Let our Engineers customize the perfect heating solution for you!


View Powerblanket Custom Heating Solutions Brochure


Custom Temperature Control from Powerblanket on Vimeo.

Ready to Ship – Show Now for one of our pre-built Powerblanket heating products to meet your temperature control needs.


Built to Order – If your application requires slight changes to an existing Powerblanket product such as a longer power cord or a change in dimensions, we can build it for you.


Full Custom Order – Click here and complete our Powerblanket Custom Questionnaire form. If your application and equipment are unique, let a qualified Powerblanket Engineer design a fully customized temperature control system for you. 

Powerblanket Custom Heating Solutions

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