ErgoDeck GP Ramps White Outside CornerErgoDeck GP Ramps White RampErgoDeck GP #564 Open Grid WhiteErgoDeck GP Solid White TileErgoDeck GP #564 Open Grid White Tile566 ErgoDeck GP Solid White
ErgoDeck GP #564 Open Grid White
ErgoDeck GP Ramps White Outside Corner
ErgoDeck GP Ramps White Ramp
ErgoDeck GP #564 Open Grid White
ErgoDeck GP Solid White Tile
ErgoDeck GP #564 Open Grid White Tile
566 ErgoDeck GP Solid White

ErgoDeck Flooring GP- White

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ErgoDeck Flooring GP – White is designed for common areas and added comfort! It is a more resilient version of the original ErgoDeck Heavy-Duty and is specifically designed to increase worker productivity in wet or dry applications. ErgoDeck General Purpose – White floor tiles are Silicone free and designed for “body in white” applications, where metal forms are painted and inspected. The extremely light color of ErgoDeck GP White reflects the light rather than absorbing it. As the light bounces off the tiles, it highlights blemishes in the paint.

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ErgoDeck Flooring GP – White has a combination of a softer compound (in a 68 durometer) and the Flex-points on the underside which provides flexibility underfoot and long-term worker comfort. ErgoDeck Flooring GP White,18″ x 18″ tiles, cover large and custom-sized areas, while hiding unsightly floor blemishes and hazards. ErgoDeck GP White Tiles are available in Solid or Open Grid (Drainage) design with matching white ramps and corners. ErgoDeck GP – White is specifically designed for painting applications to help reflect light and show blemishes.

  • Designed for medium-duty work environments.
  • 7/8″ thick PVC interlocking tile.
  • Silicone free and specially formulated to reflect light.
  • Matching color ramp and corners.
  • Available in Solid surface of Open Grid design.

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18" x 18" Solid Tile, 18" x 18" Open Grid Tile, 6" x 18" Ramp, 6" x 9" x 9" Inside Corner, 6' x 15" x 15" Outside Corner


Single Unit, Case


ErgoDeck GP WhiteSizeSingle PriceCase Price
GP Open Grid Tile (Case of 10)18″ x 18″ x 7/8″$34.50$316.60
GP Solid Tile (Case of 10)18″ x 18″ x 7/8″$34.50$316.60
Ramp (Case of 10)7/8” x 6” deep x 18” long$14.95$124.95
Outside Corner (Case of 4)7/8” x 6” deep x 15” x 15”$43.65$178.70
Inside Corner7/8” x 6” deep x 9” x 9”$42.90N/A



Product Specifications

Suitable EnvironmentDry, Wet, Oily
TypeAnti-Fatigue Flooring, Specialty Metal Painting
Customization LevelFully Customisable
Solid or DrainageBoth

Test Results

PropertyTest / Result
Temperature Range0 to 120 F
Coefficient of FrictionASTM F1677 / Dry: COF = .65 / Wet: COF = .42
FlammabilityMVSS 302 / ‘A’; Rating
Taber AbrasionASTM D 3884 / 1% loss
Compression DeflectionASTM D575-91 / 14.15%



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