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Our ESD Workstation Mat keeps micro-circuitry components safe from the potentially damaging effects of static shocks. Our spongy, three-layer material should be used underneath computers, and on desks or table workstations where sensitive components are repaired or packaged. For maximum effectiveness use it with the Ground Cord and Wrist Strap accessories shown below.

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ESD Workstation Mat is a top level performer for work surfaces where static control is an imperative. It features a flexible 3-layer construction–in a subtle sky blue color–that makes it ideal for use under computers, as a liner for conductive bins, or for tabletops where components are packaged. The surface material is non-glare, slightly textured, and heat resistant to 280 degrees. ESD Workstation mat is best used with the #793 6′ (18 m) ESD Wrist Strap and #797 Common Point Ground Cord.

  • EOS/ESD S7.1: 1 x 10^6 to 1 x 10^10
  • Flexible 3-layer construction
  • Overall thickness 1/8” (3 mm)
  • Custom lengths available up to 100′ long.

ESD Accessories: For maximum effectiveness, ground your ESD workstation mat using our #793 15′ ground cord. The solderless terminal can be connected to an electrical outlet using the screw in the outlet cover.

Use our 6’ Coil Cord and Wrist Strap to ground workers to their ESD tabletop mats. One inch wide comfort strap with copper sulfide fibers is attached to a 6’ Coil Cord with snap on one end and a banana jack on the other. Separate alligator clip. Has a one megaohm resistor. To complete the connection to a building ground, connect the coil cord to our 797.CPCord or simply clip to the grounding snap. Equipped with dual jacks, our Common Point Ground Cord allows two wrist straps to be grounded at the same point. The molded-in male fastener snaps to table-top mats while the solderless terminal at the end of the 15’ cord connects to a building ground. Conforms to 10mm snaps.

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2' x 3', 2' x 4', Common Cord, Wrist Strap, 793.15' Ground Cord


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2′ x 3′ $58.10
2′ x 4′ $77.50
Common Cord $15.20
Wrist Strap $11.95
793.15′ Ground Cord $12.90
Custom sizes are available in 2′ and 3′ widths up to 100′ in length. Custom sizes are not returnable. Please click above to order a custom size ESD Workstation mats.


Product Specs

Uses: To control static on work tables and desks
Compound: 3-Layer Vinyl Surface
Resistivity: RTT – 5 x 107 to 8 x 108 ohm
RTG – 5 x 107 to 8 x 108 ohm
Flammability: “A” Rating per MVSS 302
Thickness: 1/8”
Warranty: 1 year, conditional
Color: Sky Blue(SB)



How to Ground Your ESD Workstation Mat


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