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GelPro Gelly Grippers™ are double-sided adhesive pads designed to keep GelPro comfort floor mats and other matting and rugs from moving or sliding on flooring with slick surfaces. These flexible 3″  diameter gel pads easily attach to the bottom surface of all GelPro comfort mats, most accent or area rugs or anything else you need to secure in place! Featuring a reusable, washable design, Gelly Grippers are easily cleaned and the adhesive is renewed by simply washing with water. Four adhesive pads come in a pack of Gelly Grippers.  Also,  works great in your car to secure cell phones to the dash!

Size: 3″ diameter 
Price: $11.95 (pack of 4)


GelPro Gelly Grippers are a multi-purpose non-slip gel pad with super grip action that keeps floor mats and rugs from moving or shifting on slick flooring.

Gelly Grippers stick to almost any smooth surface, including: tile, metal, wood cabinets, refrigerator, dashboards and mirrors. Use them to hold your phone, pad, remote control or keep chair cushions or pet beds from shifting. These super versatile anti-slip pads are also handy for keeping items in place in cars, on boats and golf carts!

GelPro Gelly Grippers features:

  • Super grip action keeps floor mats from moving and preventing slip and fall accidents.
  • Just peel and stick under the mat.
  • A standard size mat works well with four or five grippers, while a larger mat will benefit from more.
  • Washable and reusable.
  • Won’t harm surfaces.
  • Flexible, non-slip Gelly Grippers stick to almost any surface.
  • Extra sticky and double-sided.
  • Simply rinse with water to clean and renew stickiness.
  • Won’t leave sticky residue.
  • 3″ gel pads come in a pack of four.

    Double-Sided Non-Slip GelPads Instructions:

    Simply remove the clear protector sheet from the Gelly Gripper to reveal the adhesive and apply to the center of the bottom surface of your GelPro Comfort Mat. Lay mat flat against the floor and stand on the top surface to secure in place. If over time your Gelly Gripper becomes dirty and loses its tackiness, simply wash with water and let dry to renew its adhesive properties. Gelly Grippers are ideal for use with GelPro Comfort Mats and most accent rugs, for keeping chair pads or pet beds from moving on slick surfaces, and to secure cell phones, keys or sunglasses while driving in the car.

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