GripSafe Reflective Tape


GripSafe Reflective Tape prevents mat movement even in the most heavily trafficked work areas. Designed for use on concrete (sealed or unsealed), terrazzo, tile or even vinyl, this sturdy tape will hold rubber and vinyl anti-fatigue mats in place. GripSafe can also be used to designate specific areas or pathways both inside and out.

Sold in full rolls only. 4″ wide x 45′
Price: $199.95


GripSafe Reflective Tape prevents mat movement on concrete, terrazzo, tile, vinyl, or even asphalt.  It can be adhered to asphalt and will withstand the abuse of car, truck and tow-motor traffic. For best results, clean the floor surface and allow it to dry before installation, then apply GripSafe Reflective Tape to the lengths of the mat. If the mat is a large custom size or over 6′ wide, it is best to use the tape on all sides. Available in rolls only. No custom sizes!

  • Durable and versatile, it can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Hold rubber and vinyl mats in place
  • Define work areas and pathways
  • Adheres to asphalt, concrete, tile and vinyl

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Weight 8 lbs


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