Summerstep Heated Snow Melting Walkway Mat connected to a heated stair treadummerstep Heated Snow Melting Walkway MatSummerstep Industrial Snow Melting MatSummerstep Heated Walkway MatSummerstep Heated Mats Connection diagramSummerstep Heated Mats 120V - 25' extension cordSummerstep Heated Mats 120V 2' extension cordSummerstep Heated Mats 120V power plug
SummerStep Snow Melting Mats
Summerstep Heated Snow Melting Walkway Mat connected to a heated stair tread
ummerstep Heated Snow Melting Walkway Mat
Summerstep Industrial Snow Melting Mat
Summerstep Heated Walkway Mat
Summerstep Heated Mats Connection diagram
Summerstep Heated Mats 120V - 25' extension cord
Summerstep Heated Mats 120V 2' extension cord
Summerstep Heated Mats 120V power plug

Snow Melting Walkway Mats

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SummerStep heated snow melting walkway mats keep your walkways and sidewalks free of snow and ice while preventing hazardous slip and fall accidents. These industrial heating snow mats use an efficient heating technology to safely melt snow on your sidewalk and add additional traction with a non-slip rubber tread. SummerStep heated snow melting mats are designed to be daisy chained together by means of a connectable water tight plug. The connectable heated door mats can also be linked to our heated stair mats creating a complete snow and ice melting system.

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The SummerStep Heated Snow Melting Walkway mats use radiant heat to keep your walkways snow and ice free. The non-slip rubber tread keep walkers safe from slip and fall accidents. Heated Snow melting mats prevent snow and ice accumulation during the winter season. SummerStep heated walkway mats come in various sizes and are connectable so you may hook multiple snow melting walkway mats together.

  • Keep sidewalks and walkways free of snow and ice.
  • Models for both residential and commercial applications. Commercial offers a thicker tread for improved traction.
  • Environmentally safe snow melting solution.
  • Durable and long lasting product with a one year warranty.
  • Use as a stand-alone heated mat to melt snow or connect several together for a complete snow-melting system.
  • Heated Walkway mats can be connected to our heated stair mats.
  • Made in the USA!

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Industrial 1' x 10' (120v) Connectable (No Cord), Industrial 2' x 3' (120v) Connectable (No Cord), Industrial 3' x 5' (120v) Connectable (No Cord), Residential 1' x 10' Connectable (No Cord), Residential 2' x 3' (120v) Connectable (No cord), Residential 2' x 5' (120v) Connectable (No cord), 120v 6' Power cord (Required), 2' Connectable Extension Cord, 6' Connectable Extension Cord, 25' Connectable Extension Cord


Heated Walkway Mat Prices below are single unit prices
*Connectable Heated Walkway Mats require a power plug to be purchased separately.
Industrial Heated Walkway MatsPriceLead-timeVoltsWeightAmpsWatts
1′ x 10′ Connectable (No cord)$379.003 days120201.8219
2′ x 3′ Connectable (No cord)$229.003 days120121.4171
3′ x 5′ Connectable (No cord)$569.003 days120334.2504
Residential Heated Walkway Mats
1′ x 10′ Connectable (No cord)$189.003 days120201.8219
2′ x 3′ Connectable (No cord)$129.003 days120121.4171
2′ x 5′ Connectable (No cord)$149.003 days120202.6308
SummerStep Heated Walkway Mat Accessories
120V, 6 foot Connectable Power cord
(5-15 plug) (Required)
$39.003 days1201 
120V, 2 foot Connectable Extension cord$15.003 days1201
120V, 6 foot Connectable Extension cord$26.003 days1201
120V, 25 foot Connectable Extension cord$39.003 days1201



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