Happy feet weld safe mat
High Temperature and High Traffic (H.T.) Runner for Welding areas
Happy feet weld safe mat

High Temp Welding Runner (H.T.)

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The H.T. High Temp Welding Runner is the ideal flooring solution for high traffic and areas subject to high temperatures, such as welding areas and where vehicles emit heat. The H.T. Runner is not intended to provide anti-fatigue comfort. The H.T. High Temp Runner has the same rubber surface as our most popular selling anti-fatigue WeldSafe welding mat. As a high temperature solution, the H.T. runner’s rubber surface has a very high melting point even for the most demanding welding applications. As a high traffic solution, the textured rubber surface assures solid footing and traction to prevent slip and fall accidents and also minimize mat movement on smooth surfaces such as concrete.

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The High Temp Welding Runner (H.T.) is designed for high temperature areas where safety and traction is more important than comfort.  The H.T. Runner is best suited for welding areas and additional high traffic areas.

  • Melt point of over 500⁰ Fahrenheit (200⁰ Celsius) designed for welding.
  • Install for aisle ways in facilities or transportation vehicles.
  • Rubber compound material.
  • Available in 3′ and 4′ width rolls up to 75′ length.
  • Custom cut lengths available.
  • Can be hand trimmed with a straight edge and knife.
  • Available in 5/64″ (2 mm) thickness.

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3' x 75', 4' x 75'


Standard Roll SizesPrice
3′ x 75′$1,078.80
4′ x 75′$1,438.35
Stock rolls ship freight. Shipping will not be calculated on the order. Please proceed to process your order and we will contact you with the freight cost.
*Custom Cut Sizes$5.71 / sq. ft.
Custom sizes are available in 3′ and 4′ widths up to 75′ in length. Custom sizes are not returnable. Please use our Request Quote form to obtain a custom size quote for the H.T. Runner.


Product Specifications

Suitable EnvironmentDry
UsageWelding areas
Customization LevelCustom lengths up to 75′
CompoundNatural Rubber Surface
Warranty1 year
Test Results
PropertyTest Result
FlammabilityMVSS 302 / ‘A’; Rating
Taber AbrasionFederal Standard 191 / 1% lost @ 1,000 cycles
Temperature Range500 F Melt Point
Coefficient of FrictionASTM F1677 / Dry: COF = 1.10 / Wet COF = .32
Compression DeflectionASTM D575 / Deflection @ 35 psi, mm=7.85


Q: Can the High Temp Welding Runner be glued to the floor?

A: Yes, you can! Semi-permanent installations can be accomplished with common mastics. Please contact your local home improvement store for the best adhesive recommendation for rubber to whatever type of substrate you’re adhering to. (i.e. concrete, wood, steel, etc.)

Q: Can full size rolls be cut to the length that I need?

A: Yes, you can! It’s very easy to cut this material to size. All you need is a straight edge and a pair of shears or utility knife. Safety first! Always wear cut resistant gloves when cutting.

Q: What is the product life expectancy?

A: The life expectancy can vary dramatically depending on a multitude of factors such as: foot traffic, exposure to oils, caustic chemicals or fluids, excessive temperatures, cleaning and maintenance schedule, compound, etc. The following are general guidelines based on our customers’ experience (your experience may vary): Average lifespan is 1 – 2 years.

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  1. Dan

    This product works extremely well. I operate a welding school and we have laid this product down in all of our welding booths. without problems. Considering the amount of sparks, slag, hot metal, and overall abuse the mat has received, I am amazed at how well it is holding up! I will also add that allmats.com was extremely communicative and helpful. We had an issue with the freight company, and allmats.com got involved and stayed with it until they located our item and made sure it was to arrive at our location on time for our grand opening. We are very satisfied with the product and company.

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