Safety Track Tape Roll
Safety Track Traction Tape #698
Safety Track Tape Roll

Safety Track Traction Tape

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Use Safety Track Traction Tape for long lasting traction on ramps, ladders and walkways. In any indoor area, Safety Track adheres to clean, dry surfaces including wood, metal, or concrete for that extra bit of traction. To apply, peel off the backing and press the product on to the surface.

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Safety Track Traction Tape does one thing and one thing only. It stops slips & falls before they happen. Wherever you need added traction—interior ramps, ladders, walkways—you need Safety Track. Simply peel and apply to most any clean dry surface: concrete, wood or metal and the slip-resistant “sandpaper” like surface does the rest. Safety Track Traction Tape offers a tremendous line of defense in slick and slip-prone environments.

  • Adds traction to indoor ramps, ladders and walkways
  • Adheres to wood, metal and concrete
  • Simply peel and apply to a clean, dry surface
  • Gritted surface provides improved traction.

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6" x 24", 1" x 60', 2" x 60', 4" x 60', 6" x 60', 12" x 60', 18" x 60'


Stock SizesPer Carton
6″ x 24″50$472.60
1″ x 60′1$43.50
2″ x 60′1$83.50
4″ x 60′1$166.50
6″ x 60′1$249.85
12″ x 60′1$488.85
18″ x 60′1$602.50


Product Specs

Uses: Indoor ramps, walkways, steps
Surface: Slip-resistant grit
Coefficient of Friction: .95 Dry .80 Wet per ASTM F1677
Warranty: 1 year, conditional
Color: Black


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