WaterHog ECO Grand Elite Two Ends

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Sometimes the need for a durable mat extends beyond exceptional performance to include exceptional beauty. The WaterHog ECO Grand Elite series combines all of the performance of our WaterHog ECO Premier mat with two additional features: an innovative rubber-reinforced face design for added beauty, and a green friendly face constructed of 100% post consumer recycled P.E.T. polyester fiber system that is reclaimed from plastic bottles providing a mat surface with an attractive look that’s easy to maintain.

WaterHog ECO Grand Elite Two Ends features a half-oval design on both ends.

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WaterHog ECO Grand Elite Two Ends product features:

  • New Herringbone pattern delivers an upscale appearance with high performance dirt and moisture stopping properties.
  • WaterHog ECO Grand Elite Two Ends features a half-oval design on both ends.
  • For high traffic, indoor and outdoor use.
  • Fashion border constructed of the same fiber system as the mat surface for an attractive look.
  • 50% heavier than the WaterHog Grand Classic.
  • Easy to clean! Simply vacuum or steam clean
  • Heavy duty rubber backing to minimize movement.
  • Certified slip-resistant by the NFSI.

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3' x 7.1', 3' x 11.7', 3' x 15.5', 3' x 19.4', 3' x 23.2', 4' x 8', 4' x 12.6', 4' x 16.5', 4' x 20.3', 6' x 10.1', 6' x 14.8', 6' x 18.6', 6' x 22.4'


Gripper for Carpeted Surfaces, Smooth for Smooth Surfaces


170 Black Smoke, 171 Indigo, 172 Southern Pine, 173 Gray Ash, 174 Maroon, 175 Chestnut Brown, 176 Khaki, 177 Regal Red


WaterHog ECO Grand Elite – Two End Pricing
3′ x 7.1′ (34.75 x 85.25)
14 lbs.
4′ x 16.5′ (44.65 x 197.50) $534.05
44 lbs.
3′ x 11.7′ (34.75 x 138.75)
23 lbs.
4′ x 20.3′ (44.65 x 240.25) $657.10
55 lbs.
3′ x 15.5′ (34.75 x 186.25)
33 lbs.
6′ x 10.1′ (70.50 x 121.60)
30 lbs.
3′ x 19.4′ (34.75 x 232.25)
42 lbs.
6′ x 14.8′ (70.50 x 177)
52 lbs.
3′ x 23.2′ (34.75 x 275.25)
51 lbs.
6′ x 18.6′ (70.50 x 223)
87 lbs.
4′ x 8′ (44.65 x 96)
19 lbs.
6′ x 22.4′ (70.50 x 269)
105 lbs.
4′ x 12.6′ (44.65 x 149.75)
31 lbs.
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  •  Black Smoke

    Black Smoke

     Black Smoke
    Black Smoke
  • Chestnut Brown

    Chestnut Brown

    Chestnut Brown
    Chestnut Brown
  • Gray Ash

    Gray Ash

    Gray Ash
    Gray Ash
  • Indigo


  • Khaki


  • Maroon


  • Regal Red

    Regal Red

    Regal Red
    Regal Red
  • Southern Pine

    Southern Pine

    Southern Pine
    Southern Pine


Additional WaterHog Mat Benefits
1. Premium 24 oz/sq. anti-static Polypropylene fiber system dries quickly and won’t fade or rot. When wet, the rubber reinforced surface allows water to be wicked to the bottom of the mat away from foot traffic while providing a slip resistant surface.
2. Highly durable attractive fashion borders available in 8 colors makes this mat attractive for indoor or outdoor use. Polypropylene fiber system dries quickly preventing fading and rotting.
3. Colorfast: Solution dyed for excellent light and wet fastness.
4. Unique ridged construction effectively stores dirt and moisture beneath shoe level.
5. Exclusive “Water Dam” border keeps dirt and water in the mat and off the floor, minimizing slip hazards and floor damage.
6. Green friendly rubber backing has 20% recycled rubber content and is available in smooth or cleated types.
7. Exclusive rubber reinforced face nubs prevent pile from crushing in high traffic areas, thereby maintaining high performance and extending product life.
8. Should not be used in areas exposed to animal fats (kitchens) or petroleum products.
9. Not adversely effected by salt or ice melt.
10. Certified slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.
11. Recommended uses for computer rooms, around electronic equipment, malls, banks, hotels, offices, restaurants, healthcare, supermarkets and more.
12. Easy to clean: Just vacuum or hose off and hang to dry.
13. Special TriGrip cleated 100% rubber backing to minimize mat movement. Also available with smooth back for hard surfaces.
14. 50% lighter than Waterhog Grand Premier


FIBER TYPE: Solution-dyed 100% Post Consumer Recycled PET Polyester, recycled from soda bottles
WEIGHT: 30 ozs. per square yard
DESIGN: Sunburst/Diamond
TYPE: 100% SBR Rubber (15% Recycled Content)
THICKNESS: .190″ – Nubs
.050″ – Between Nubs
.160″ – Border
TESTING Passes Flammability Standard DOC-FF-1-70
  ASTM C 1028-29 Static Coefficient of Friction. Dry .70
  Anti-Static rating averaging 1.2 KV with a maximum average voltage of 1.63 KV as measured by the AATCC 134 Electrostatic Propensity Test and meets IBM’s minimum standard for electrical resistance (NFPA99).


WaterHog Gripper Back


1. Vacuum Daily
When possible, Waterhog mats should be vacuumed on a daily basis. During periods of inclement weather, use of a wet/dry vacuum may provide a more effective method of daily maintenance.

2. Routine Maintenance
Spots and non-permanent stains should be removed as needed using a safe non-organic solvent based cleaner. In the event a solvent based spotter is needed, caution should be taken to rinse the excess solvent thoroughly before returning the mat to service. Failure to rinse the solvent can result in damage to the rubber backing of the mat. Periodically, as needed, Waterhog mats should be cleaned using a more vigorous method such as a pressure washer or water hose. Following the use of this method, the mats should be placed in a position to allow them to drain. This draining will occur rapidly and the mats will be ready to put back into service in a short time.

3. Deep Cleaning
Waterhog mats may be cleaned by any routine method used for carpeted floors. This includes wet extraction as well as low moisture extraction methods. Chemicals used for cleaning should be as solvent-free as possible and following a wet cleaning, care should be taken to rinse the mat as thoroughly as possible. If a wet system is used, the mats should be placed in a position to drain as much as possible before returning to service.

4. Floor Preparation
Prior to the mat being put back into service, Logo Mats recommends that the floor where the mat will be placed be cleaned to remove dust and dirt. This will allow the mat to grip the floor more effectively reducing mat movement with traffic.


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