Heated Snow Melting Stair TreadSnow Melting Heated Stair Tread Connected to Walkway matSummerstep Snow Melting Heated Stair Tread ConnectedSummerstep Heated Mats 120V - 25' extension cordSummerstep Heated Mats 120V power plugSummerstep Heated Mats 120V 2' extension cordSummerstep Heated Mats Connection diagram
Summerstep Snow Melting Heated Stair Tread
Heated Snow Melting Stair Tread
Snow Melting Heated Stair Tread Connected to Walkway mat
Summerstep Snow Melting Heated Stair Tread Connected
Summerstep Heated Mats 120V - 25' extension cord
Summerstep Heated Mats 120V power plug
Summerstep Heated Mats 120V 2' extension cord
Summerstep Heated Mats Connection diagram

Heated Stair Mats

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SummerStep heated stair mats keep your stairs and walkways free of snow and ice during Winter and prevent slip and fall accidents. The snow melting stair mats are designed for a connectable configuration which allows you to link together as many heated mats as you need. Heated stair mats eliminate the worry of stepping on slick icy surfaces or having to use harsh snow melting chemicals. The heated snow melting mats will melt the existing snow, prevent any re-freezing, and provide traction for stable and safe foot traffic.

**One power cord must be purchased separately for each location that you will be using heated stair mats.

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The SummerStep heated stair mat has a rubber surface which provides extra traction on icy and slippery steps. The heated stair mat is available with a 120V plug, melting snow as it falls. No more shoveling, harsh chemicals or expensive embedded melting systems. The Heated Stair Mats are the convenient and reliable solution for removing snow and ice wherever heavy foot traffic is present. Prevent accidents and potential liability issues before they happen!

  • Keep walkways clear of snow and ice.
  • Environmentally safe, requires no chemicals.
  • Heated Stair mats can be connected to our snow melting Walkway Mats.
  • Available in an Industrial grade or Residential grade heated stair mat.
  • Durable and long lasting snow melting solution.
  • More convenient and safer than shoveling snow or chipping ice.
  • Peace of mind one year product warranty.
  • Made in the USA!

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Industrial Stair Tread 11" x 3', Industrial Stair Tread 11" x 4', Residential Stair Tread 11" x 30", 2' Connectable Extender, 25' Connectable Extender, 120v Power plug

Heated Stair Mat Prices below are single unit prices
*Connectable Heated Step Mats require a power plug to be purchased separately.
Industrial Heated Stair MatsPriceLead-timeVoltsWt. lbsAmpsWatts
11″ x 3′$155.003 days12080.670
11″ x 4′$207.003 days120110.898
Residential Heated Stair Mats
11″ x 30″$72.003 days12040.4352
SummerStep Heated Stair Mat Accessories
2′ Connectable Extender$16.003 days1201 
25′ Connectable Extender$41.003 days1201
120v Power plug (5-15 plug)$41.003 days1201
For large quantity orders we recommend calling us for available discounts and a shipping quote! 1-866-411-6287!


Summerstep Snow Melting Mats No More Slipping on Ice from Powerblanket on Vimeo.

Additional Information

Heated Stair Treads
Each stair mat is designed with watertight connector cables enabling it to connect to additional stair mats. You can connect up to 13 amps on a single Power Unit. If your connected mats exceeds 13 amps, you will have to split up the mats and add a second Power Unit to plug into a separate outlet

A water tight 24″ cable extender and 25′ cable extender (to reach an outlet more than 6′ away) are available. 
When your stairs are more than 6 inches apart from each other you will need to use the 24-inch cable extender to connect Heated Stair Mats together.

Each set of Heated Stair Mats requires one in-line GFCI power plug (ground fault circuit interrupter), which is sold separately. Please note: If you are ordering Stair Mats for more than one location, you must place a separate order for each location and order an additional power plug.

When ordering Rubber Stair Treads please remember they are sold individually and can connect together. As an example, if you have 10 steps, select your size and enter 10 in the quantity box. Also remember to order a power plug for each group of mats or location and any cable extenders that you may need.

View Grommet Installation for securing heated stair mats to steps.


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