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Soft Rock Ergonomic Matting

Soft Rock Anti-Microbial Mats are the modern and adaptable matting solution for labs, hotels, retail outlets, and other facilities where workers stand on hard tiles and concrete. Easy to clean, Soft Rock is an affordable, anti-microbial solution that helps keep the workplace germ-free.

Salon Chair Mat with chair depression

The Salon & Spa Mat collection is specifically designed to provide top quality anti-fatigue salon mats and comfort mats for the salon and beauty industry. No longer does the salonist or beautician have to settle for an anti-fatigue mat or salon mat that doesn't provide adequate comfort, falls apart or gets punctured. These mats are High-Heel Proof!

Elevate Oil Resistant drains oil and greaseElevate OR Oil Resistant Runner was designed to improve traction and drainage in a wide range of manufacturing operations. Fluids and debris can pass freely through the extra wide open grid design while elevating employees above it. Elevate OR is up to 1/3 the weight of conventional rubber drainage mats so it is more economical, easy to install, clean, roll up and move.

Game Zone Gaming ChairmatThe Game Zone Gaming Chairmat was designed for the serious gamer that can’t afford a slipping or moving chair. The Game Zone Chairmat ensures your chair stays firm on the floor, minimizes movement all while keeping your floor protected.

Sit or Stand Office Chair MatSit or Stand Office Mat provides active workers the option to stand or sit at their desk without compromising comfort while standing. The Sit or Stand office mat folds with a revolutionary designed hinge that folds up on one end to double the anti-fatigue 3/8″ foam cushioning for standing comfort support.

The FloorMate Mutli-Purpose Chair Mat Black for carpetFloorMate Multi Purpose Chairmat was designed for a multitude of applications around the home or office. This mat is available in clear color to allow the beauty of your hard wood or carpeted floor to show through while still providing floor protection. The black color offers a more sleek upscale appearance and can also be used to cover unsightly spots on the floor.

ErgoDeck MAX Modular FlooringErgoDeck MAX Modular Anti-Fatigue flooring tiles combine comfort and customization all in one incredible ErgoDeck modular tile. ErgoDeck MAX Modular Anti-Fatigue tiles takes flexibility, performance and safety all in one tile for superior performance that you would expect from the ErgoDeck Flooring family of products.