Matting Glossary

This is the measure of traction provided by the surface of the mat. It is a measurement of force that must be exerted before an object slips. Therefore, the higher the number, the better the traction. OSHA recommends a COF of .5 in dry areas and .25 in wet. The ADA recommends .6 on flat surfaces and .8 on ramps.

This is one way of measuring the softness or comfort level of a sponge mat. It measures how much a person ’s foot sinks into the mat – the higher the reading, the softer the mat. The results are affected by the thickness of the sponge backing and the flexibility of the surface material. We consider .20 -.5 the ideal range. The test is ASTM D575.

Conductive mats disperse the static electricity quicker than static dissipative mats. Therefore, the most basic rule of thumb is that Conductive mats should be used around very sensitive components. All conductive and dissipative matting must be grounded to be effective.

Refers to extra wide, extra long and customer specific mat configurations. Most of our anti-fatigue mats can be customized to conform to any size or shape. If a mat can be customized, there will be a link or button on the product page to order custom sizes.

The measure of hardness/softness of molded rubber and molded PVC mats. As a general rule, the lower the durometer, the softer the mat. Most of our mats range between 45-70 durometer. We consider 45-65 ideal range for molded rubber mats. The test is ASTM D2240.

When static builds up on a person ’s body and they touch another object, that charge is passed onto the object. This discharge can harm sensitive equipment and is drained off when the person steps on or touches a Conductive or Static Dissipative mat.

Many PVC mats are injection molded (Comfort Deck ® No.460) or extruded (KushionWalk No.475). These durable vinyl mats provide good anti-fatigue properties and resistance to chemicals and industrial greases and oils. Always request a small sample of the mat to test.

This is our line of abrasive coated, molded rubber mats. They are the only gritted, moulded rubber anti-fatigue mats on the market. The grit system provides an exceptionally high level of traction and is featured on all of our abrasive coated mats including Grit-Top Comfort Deck ® No.461.

The life expectancy of a mat can vary dramatically depending on a multitude of factors such as:number of caustic cleaning and
The following is general representation of what our customers experience (your experience may vary ):

  • 5 Years or more -Urethane Mats
  • 3 to 5 years -SpongeCote ® Mats
  • 1 to 3 years -Molded Rubber Mats
  • 1 to 3 years -Molded Vinyl Mats
  • 6 to 12 months -PVC Sponges

Natural rubber is characterized by its flexibility and resilience. It performs best in dry areas and when exposed to water.

This is a resilient rubber compound containing 50%nitrile. It has better chemical resistance than natural rubber and holds up well to most greases and oils.

This is an off-white open-cell natural rubber sponge. It is used as the underside sponge for SpongeCote ® mats having a rubber top surfactant has quick recovery remarkable life expectancy and offers incomparable resilience.

This is a black,closed-cell sponge compounded of a unique blend of PVC and rubber. It is used as the underside sponge for SpongeCote ®mats having a vinyl top surface. Considered by many customers as our softest and most comfortable sponge, it has exceptional resilience,far exceeding that of typical PVC sponge bases.

A measure of resistance. The higher an ohm reading on a conductive mat,the more difficult it is for the static electric charge to go through the mat and out the ground. Therefore, the lower the ohm reading,the more conductive the material.

Range: Conductive =1 x 10 3 ohms to 1 x 10 6 ohms
Static Dissipative =>1 x 10 6 ohms to 1 x 10 10 ohms

Also referred to as blown vinyl sponge ,it is a vinyl (PVC)compound that is expanded into a sponge with a blowing agent. PVC sponge mats provide modest comfort and durability at an economical price.

Comfort and longevity for dry work areas. Our most popular category of ergonomic mats. Each SpongeCote® mat is constructed of a durable top surface permanently bonded to a superbly comfortable, long wearing sponge offering the highest degree of support and comfort.

Tested and proven to have a very high dielectric strength to protect workers from high voltage equipment. Commonly referred to as Insulated or Non-Conductive.

This test determines how well the surface of a mat will hold up to heavy use. The less weight the sample loses, the more durable the product tends to be.

A measure of the tear strength of a material. The higher the psi, the stronger the mat.