Prevent Mat Movement

Mats move, but this can be prevented. The amount of movement depends on the type of mat, the amount of foot traffic and the condition of the floor surface in the work environment.

The fact that mats move is a basic rule and can be explained by the principles of physics. The force of a human being moving forward in a walking gait tends to push any uninstalled floor surface forward. However, there are ways to stop or inhibit this movement.

  1. Install your mats. There are some matting products that are designed to be installed. ErgoDeck is an excellent example. Its wide edging has bolt holes to allow the mat to be permanently anchored to the floor.
  2. Buy sponge-backed mats with a higher underside coefficient of friction. This is especially important if your facility has smooth epoxy-covered floors. A natural rubber sponge is the best option in this case.
  3. Apply Grip Cote X or Grip Cote Ultra Protective Floor Coating to the bottom of your mat or rug. Grip Cote is a water-based, Green, formula that is easily applied with a brush or roller to the underside of rugs, vinyl and rubber backed mats. When dry your mat or rug will become completely slip-proof, regardless of the flooring surface.
  4. Adhere the mats to the floor using either a high quality rubber or vinyl glue. This is also an option if you are worried about any mat movement. Contact your local hardware store for the best rubber, vinyl or silicone glue.
  5. Tape the mats to the floor with an industrial strength tape. This is a good solution if you cannot tolerate any mat movement. In a high traffic area however, the tape may begin to fray after several months of usage and will need to be replaced. We offer two tape solutions below, GripStrips, and GripSafe Reflective Tape.