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Star-San Instant hand sanitizer is a waterless instant gel hand sanitizer which works as a stand alone hand sanitizer with a gallon pump and trigger spray or to refill liquid soap dispensers. Star-San is a stand alone waterless hand sanitizer that does not require the use of soap or water to kill germs on skin. Star-San is a gel formulation that contains Aloe and skin conditioners which leaves hands sanitized and refreshed. It can be used as frequently as needed between normal hand washing. 

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StarSan Instant Hand Sanitizer is a one step gel hand sanitizer that quickly kills 99.9% of all germs within 15 seconds on hands, thus effectively eliminating cross contamination or spread of germs to surfaces and other human contacts. StarSan Instant Hand Sanitizer works with any push style wall mounted liquid soap dispenser or as a stand alone hand sanitizer with a gallon pump and trigger spray (purchased separately) .

Where to Use:

  • Restaurants, Hospitals, Schools, Nursing Homes, Food Service Establishments, Health Care Facilities, Residential and any other location where it is imperative to prevent the cross contamination and spread of germs to hard surfaces and other human contacts.

Additional Product Features:

  • Effective instant hand sanitizer which can be used frequently between normal hand washing to kill germs.
  • Requires no soap or water to kill 99.9% of most disease causing germs.
  • Kills germs fast, within 15 seconds.
  • Gentle on hands. Cleans, sanitizes and moisturizes.
  • Contains 70% ethyl alcohol and Aloe.
  • Not intended to be a cleaner. If hands are soiled wash as normal with soap and water.
  • Available in 4 gallons per case and quart size (12 pack).
  • Made in the USA!

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Gallon 4 pack, Quart 12 pack


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Gallon (4 pack) $160.10 36 lbs.
Quart (12 pack) $179.30 28 lbs.



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