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Custom Powerblanket

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Wrap it in a Powerblanket an you'll never use another band heater or blower again. We guarantee it! Stop messing with hazardous heating belts and large bulky warming ovens. Utilizing patented GreenHeat Technology, Powerblanket takes the hassle out of heating your temperature sensitive materials. Available in both fixed temperature and adjustable versions to insure you never over or under heat your materials again.

Powerblanket drum & bucket heaters are more efficient and use considerably less energy that conventional band heaters. Test results show Powerblanket to be significantly more effective than band heaters at warming and insulating drums, buckets, pails, gas cylinders, and IBC totes. Powerblanket is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable method for heating and maintaining the temperature of your industrial materials. New Rapid-Ramp heating technology cuts heat time in half.
  • Heat Drums & Barrels, Buckets and Pails
  • Protect Temperature Sensitive Liquids
  • Freeze Protection
  • Maintain temperature in product
  • Heat water, Petroleum, Chemicals & Food Products
  • New Powerblanket Lite band heaters now available. For heating applications that don't require a full wrap drum heater.


Powerblanket Drum Heater
Drum Heater 55 gallon
Bucker Heater 5 gallon pail
Drum Heater 15 gallon
Drum Heater 30 gallon
Drum Heater 55 gallon with Thermostat
Drum Heater 55 gallon Rapid Ramp
Rollover each image for selected models. For a complete list of sizes availlable, please see the Price List below.


Item Number: PB-BH


Size: (View Pricing Below)

(Ships from UT)

Additional Benefits

  • Heat, insulate and protect materials year round
  • Works on both metal & poly drums and pails
  • Best solution for viscosity & flow control
  • Maximum freeze protection to -40F/-40C
  • Rapid-Ramp heat technology cuts heating time in half *
  • Insulated full wrap design – keeps the heat in & cold out. Uniform heat distribution.
  • Safe on a wide variety of materials
  • Adjustable thermostat for pinpoint temperature control
  • Certified to UL / CSA safety standards
Powerblanket Lite Insulated Band Heater
Powerblanket Lite Band Heaters
  • Safely heats valuable materials without scorching or burning.
  • Add band heaters incrementally as needed to increase temp.
  • For 55 gal. drums we offer a band heater or full-wrap design.

Powerblanket Lite Band Heaters
Not all drums require a full-wrap heated drum heater to minimize freezing. Lite band heaters have an internal preset thermostat that keeps just the areas of the drum heated that are required up to a max temp of 125º F. Designed for poly or steel drums.

Model Number Dimensions
Volume Voltage Wattage
(± 5%)
(± 5%)
Weight Max
Drum Heaters with Rapid Ramp technology feature an accelerated initial heat-up time which quickly raises the temperature of fluids to 100° F. Once the blanket achieves 100° F - it reduces power consumption to a lower wattage and maintains the preset 100° F temperature.
16" x 47" 5 gal 120V 60/120 0.50/1.00 4 lbs 100° ± 10°F $291.00
25" x 54" 15 gal 120V 160/320 1.33/2.67 7 lbs 100° ± 10°F $393.00
32" x 72" 30 gal 120V 280/560 2.33/4.67 10 lbs 100° ± 10°F $476.00
36" x 82" 55 gal 120V 400/800 3.33/6.69 13 lbs 100° ± 10°F $556.00
Powerblanket Pro series drum heaters come standard with a digital thermostatic controller allowing you to accurately control the temperature of valuable fluids and chemicals up to a max temp of 145° F.
16" x 47" 5 gal 120V 160 1.33 6 lbs 145° ± 5°F $505.00
25" x 54" 15 gal 120V 400 3.33 9 lbs 145° ± 5°F $668.00
32" x 72" 30 gal 120V 720 6.00 12 lbs 145° ± 5°F $763.00
36" x 82" 55 gal 120V 800 6.67 15 lbs 145° ± 5°F $813.00
Powerblanket Lite band heaters have an internal preset thermostat (125° ± 5°F) and are designed to provide just the right amount of heat where you need it most to keep your products safe from freezing. Add Powerblanket Lite band heaters incrementally as needed.
10" x 42" 5 gal 120V 120 1.00 2 lbs 125° ± 5°F $96.00
15" x 53" 15 gal 120V 181 1.51 3 lbs 125° ± 5°F $102.00
17" x 70" 30 gal 120V 280 2.33 4 lbs 125° ± 5°F $146.00
11" x 78" 55 gal 120V 240 2.00 3 lbs 125° ± 5°F $197.00
(Full wrap design)
36" x 82" 55 gal 120V 400 3.33 10 lbs 125° ± 5°F $338.00
1 gal. pail 1 gal 120V 45 0.38 10 lbs 125° ± 5°F $78.00
2 gal. pail 2 gal 120V 45 0.38 10 lbs 125° ± 5°F $85.00 - "Custom Mats Are Our Specialty!"

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