Rubber Floor Matting

If you’re searching for an all rubber floor matting product, this page is a collection of pure rubber floor matting products. When selecting an all rubber floor mat, it is important to read the specs carefully to determine what type of rubber is used in the product. Two types of rubber are used in most rubber mats and offer different benefits depending on the application:

  • Molded Natural Rubber is characterized by its flexibility and resilience. It performs best in dry areas and when exposed to water. Look for this type of molded rubber when anti-fatigue and comfort is a priority.
  • Molded Nitrile Rubber is a resilient rubber compound containing 50% nitrile. It has better grease and chemical resistance than natural rubber and holds up well to most greases and oils. Ideal for wet and greasy areas in food service production and in industrial applications. Nitrile Rubber backing is considered the best material for entrance matting.

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