Safety Matting

Because the definition of safety matting is so broadly generalized, we have narrowed it down to serving five main purposes:  1.) Prevent tripping hazards with a safety beveled edge or adding a yellow safety border on all edges to draw attention that a mat is present. 2.) Prevent slip and fall accidents. A safety floor mat with a diamond-plate surface can provide better traction in slippery areas. A non-slip safety drainage mat can provide safer footing by allowing water and debris to channel through the drainage holes and flow under the mat. 3.) Prevent mats from slipping on smooth floor surfaces by applying a coat of Grip-Cote X to the underside of the mat to make it completely anti-slip. 4.) Non-conductive safety mats, most commonly called Switchboard matting, are designed to insulate and protect workers from deadly shocks generated by high voltage. 5.) Some safety matting and products are designed for specific applications such as welding.

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