ErgoDeck Aluminum Ramp undersideErgoDeck Aluminum Ramp Outside CornerErgoDeck Aluminum Ramp Inside CornerErgoDeck Aluminum Ramp ProfileLockSafe ConnectorErgoDeck Aluminum Ramp Connector
ErgoDeck Aluminum Ramp
ErgoDeck Aluminum Ramp underside
ErgoDeck Aluminum Ramp Outside Corner
ErgoDeck Aluminum Ramp Inside Corner
ErgoDeck Aluminum Ramp Profile
LockSafe Connector
ErgoDeck Aluminum Ramp Connector

ErgoDeck Aluminum Ramps

From $10.05

Tough environments demand even tougher edging. ErgoDeck® Aluminum Ramps – are high-strength, lightweight, and chemical resistant ramps that create a gradual transition for any ErgoDeck® flooring system – not to mention a sleek design look.

The ErgoDeck Aluminum Ramps are a complete edging system. The individual parts offered include 3’ramps, outside corners and inside corners.

Aluminum Ramp: 6″ x 36″ (Includes 13 LockSafe connectors) – $117.95 each
Aluminum Inside Corner: 6″ x 9″ x 9″ – $117.95 each
Aluminum Outside Corner: 6″ x 15″ x 15″ – $117.95 each
Additional Pack of Connectors (12) – $10.05 per pack of 12



ErgoDeck Aluminum Ramps eliminate edge curling and cart damage caused by chemical exposure and wheel traffic. The ErgoDeck Aluminum ramps connect to any ErgoDeck tile. The aluminum ramps can be connected in two ways, 1) connect the ramps directly to the ErgoDeck tiles or 2) use the LockSafe Connector to join the connectors.

  • Connects into any ErgoDeck style flooring for a secure fit and smooth transition
  • Manufactured from 100% Aluminum
  • 1000 PSI load rating
  • 12 LockSafe connectors included with each aluminum ramp
  • Eliminate problems with chemical resistance, edge curling and cart damage
  • 3-year warranty


1. Align the tiles with all connectors facing in the same direction and secure together using a mallet.
2. Attach ramps and corners where required (if corners are fitted, ramps will overlap the tile joints).
3. Ramps and corners will connect to both male and female sides. Surplus connectors can be removed with a safety knife where necessary.
4. Where added stability is needed, countersunk holes in the ramps and corners allow the installation to be anchored to the sub floor.


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6" x 36" Ramp, 6" x 9" x 9" Inside Corner, 6" x 15" x 15" Outside Corner, Connectors Pack of 12



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