Foundation Platform Accessories

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The Foundation modular platform system is available in multiple size kits with varying widths, heights and lengths for just about any size application where an elevated platform system is required. Here you will find additional accessories, parts and tiles for expanding or customizing your platform system. Individual tiles can be ordered as single units or in a case of 4. 

Please note that some parts are specifically marked for the 4″ high platforms and some are made for the 5-12″ height platform.

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Foundation Platform Accessories and Parts

Smooth Tile for Foundation Platform Smooth Surface Tile
The textured smooth surface adds traction to your platform, and finishes your layout with industrial grade looks. Keeps carts rolling and work flowing safely. This style provides an ideal base for anti-fatigue matting.

Available in single units or a case of 4.

Open Grid Platform Tile Underside Open Grid Tile
FOUNDATION Open surface allows free passage of fluids, debris and airflow. It not only provides elevation, it also provides additional traction in slippery areas.

Available in single units or a case of 4.

Foundation Platform Diamond Plate Tile Kit
Diamond-Plate Tile
FOUNDATION Diamond-Plate tiles offer more than rugged good looks – they provide undeniable traction! Sure-footed employees make for a safer, more productive team.

Available in single units or a case of 4.

Foundation Beam Join Kit Beam Join Kit for 4″ platforms
For use with the 4” (10 cm) high FOUNDATION modular platform system, these beam join kits connect assembled sections end-to-end to form desired length. Each kit contains 2 connector plates and 4 self tapping screws.
Foundation Beam Anchor Kit Beam Anchor Kit for 4″ platforms
For use with 4” (10 cm) high FOUNDATION Platform Kits, these corrosion resistant anchor kits secure the platform to concrete floors. Following the assembly of the 4” (10 cm) platform, use 1 kit for each row of beams. Each kit contains to 2 plates and 2 concrete screws.
Foundation Rubber Foot Foundation Rubber Foot for 5-12″ Platforms
Rubber feet reduce the movement of FOUNDATION platforms that are 12 feet (3.66 m) and under. Simply slide the leg cross brace up and place a foot on the bottom of each leg. (For use on FOUNDATION platform 5” or higher.) Each rubber foot is sold individually.
Foundation Anchor Screw Concrete Anchor Screw for 5-12″ Platforms
For use with 5” (12.7 cm) and higher FOUNDATION Platform Kits, these corrosion resistant 3.25” (8.26 cm) concrete anchor screws keep platforms firmly in place. Prior to installing the tiles, use a 3/16” (5mm) bit to drill 2” (5 cm) deep and secure 1 screw (bag of 10) into each leg cross brace.
Foundation Platform Toe Plate
Toe Plate for 5-12″ Platforms
For use with the FOUNDATION modular platform system, these rigid HDPE toe plates keep objects from falling from the edge of the platform surface. Choose

6’ (1.8 m) side plates or 38” (97 cm) end plates.
Foundation Yellow Border Paint Yellow Spray Paint Marker
Clearly identify edges and pathways by using this durable yellow spray paint. Our unique formula adheres to all components of the FOUNDATION modular platform system.


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Smooth Tile (single), Smooth Tile (case of 4), Open Tile (single), Open Tile (case of 4), Diamond Plate Tile (single), Diamond Plate Tile (case of 4), 4" Platform Beam Join Kit, 4" Platform Beam Anchor Kit, 5-12" Platform Rubber Foot, 38" End Toe Plate, 6' Side Toe Plate, 5-12" Platform Anchor Screw, Yellow Spray Paint


Item Description Size Price
F01.18x18BK Smooth Tile Single 2.75″x36″x18″ $31.90
F01.18x18BK-CS4 Smooth Tile (Case of 4) 2.75″x36″x18″ $127.60
F02.18x18BK Open Tile Single 2.75″x36″x18″ $31.90
F02.18x18BK-CS4 Open Tile (Case of 4) 2.75″x36″x18″ $127.60
F03.18x18BK Diamond-Plate Tile Single 2.75″x36″x18″ $31.90
F03.18x18BK-CS4 Diamond-Plate (Case of 4) 2.75″x36″x18″ $127.60
F1.Beam.Anchor.Kit Concrete Anchor Kit for 4″ high platform (set of 2)   $14.20
F1.Beam.Join.Kit Beam Join Kit for 4″ (set of 2)   $14.85
F1.FOOT Rubber Foot for 5″-12″ platform   $6.00
F1.LCB.Anchor Anchor Screw for 5″-12″ (Bag of 10)   $5.50
F1.Paint.YL Yellow Border Paint   $92.85
F1.TPlate.B.WH 6′ end toe plate for 5-12″ platforms   $35.45
F1.TPlate.E.WH 38″ side toe plate for 5-12″ platforms   $24.85


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