Wearwell Switchboard Matting Passes the MSHA Flame Test!

October 29, 2007

Wearwell Switchboard Matting passes the MSHA Flame Test

Wearwell’s Corrugated and Diamond-Plate Switchboard matting passed the Mine Safety and Health Administration’s (MSHA) fire resistance test. To pass, the material must flameout quickly and have a minimal char length. This increases safety in all enclosed areas such as mines, ships and even industrial or commercial buildings.

The MSHA requires this flame test to insure adequate fire resistance for cables used in the mining industry. It is also an appropriate test for non-conductive mats because the materials will be used in the same environment. The test entails the application of a Tirrill burner with a heat output of approximately 3,000 BTU/hour, to the center of the mat sample. After 60 seconds, this heat source is removed. Each of the three specimens must meet the following criteria: 1) the duration of the burning must not exceed 240 seconds, and 2) the length of the burned (charred) area must not exceed 6 inches.

The test results are as follows:

Average time to flameout 1 second
Char length NA
Results Pass

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