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Custom Powerblanket

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Special Winter Sales Price on Select Sizes in Red below!

Powerblanket's Extra-Hot line of thawing and heating blankets provide superior protection and rapid thaw capability to users worldwide. Our Extra-Hot line was developed specifically for construction contractors, masons, backhoe operators, utility companies, and home owners needing a better method for heating, thawing, and protecting materials and equipment.

thaws frozen ground for concrete preparation, sub-roughs, footings, utility excavation, and other cold weather construction applications. Melt and prevent snow and ice accumulation from construction sites, driveways, walkways, roofs and entryways. Preheat construction materials, sand & aggregate, rebar, and i-beams. Rapidly heat temperature sensitive materials all season long.

Cold weather protection for engines, equipment, and machinery has arrived! Keep vital fluids, batteries, and hoses ready for operation 24/7. Create the necessary heat barrier to ensure longer engine life and prevent “cold-start” wear & tear. Powerblanket is an all-in-one heating solution which effectively replaces separate heating devices for oil pans, blocks, cores, hoses, fluid reservoirs, and crank cases by heating the entire engine compartment! Great for preheating service trucks, snowmobiles, hydraulic / fuel tanks, and heavy construction equipment.
  • Extra Fast Thawing
  • Ice & Snow Melting
  • Construction Site Heating
  • Engine & Motor Warming
  • Insulate & Protect
  • Prevent Freezing
Extra Hot - Heated Thawing Blanket
EH0405 High Heat Blanket EH0405 High Heat Blanket EH0409 High Heat Blanket EH0202DV High Heat Blanket
Rollover each image for selected models. For a complete list of sizes available, please see the Specs & Pricing Table below.


Item Number: PB-EH



Additional Benefits

  • Thaw up to 24” of Frozen Ground
  • Melt Ice, Snow, and Frost from Work Sites
  • Effective on Roof Snow & Ice Dams
  • Built Tough – Made to Last
  • Heavy Duty, Water Resistant Rip Stop Vinyl
  • Protect against “Cold-Start” Wear & Tear
  • Increase Engine & Battery Life
  • Freeze Protection for Hydraulics & Fuel Tanks
  • Ideal for Service Trucks, Motors, & Equipment
  • UL/CSA/CE Certified

RAPID THAW - Extra Hot (High Heat) Blankets Specs & Pricing
Extra-Hot blankets have an internal preset thermostat that reaches a high point temp of 150°F ±5°F
(Large sizes may be available. Please contact us directly to check on availability.)
Model Number Dimensions
Area Voltage Wattage
(± 5%)
(± 5%)
EH0509 5' x 9' 45 sq ft 120V 1650 13.75 $1134.00
EH0325 3' x 25' 75 sq ft 120V 2750 22.92 $1730.00
EH0310 3' x 10' 30 sq ft 120V 1100 9.17 $810.00
EH0304 3' x 4' 12 sq ft 120V 400 3.33 $378.00
EH0202 2' x 2' 4 sq ft 120V 95 .79 $283.00 - "Custom Mats Are Our Specialty!"

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