G-Floor Trailer Flooring

Horse trailers, livestock trailers, cargo trailers, box trailers, utility trailers, & car trailers!

  • Covers entire trailer deck without a seam.
  • Prevents rust and wood rot-out of deck floor.
  • Extremely durable vinyl lasts for years.
  • Polyvinyl material is solid—not layered.
  • Easier to handle than stiffer materials.
  • Custom trim with utility knife.
  • Sizes up to 10 ft. wide x custom length.
  • Custom trim with utility knife.
  • Fresh scent–no rubber odor in trailer.
  • Ribbed design provides slip-resistant surface.
  • Also available in Coin and Diamond Pattern.
  • Standard stock colors: Black, Slate Grey or Sandstone.



G-Floor Trailer Flooring product features:

  • Mats may be doubled with ribs up or down where more cushion is needed
  • Ribs may be run side-to-side on trailer ramps where more traction is needed
  • Seamless coverage improves sanitation in livestock trailers by containing animal urine and droppings.
  • Material meets all safety regulations per Federal Vehicle Safety Standard No. 302
  • Meets Ford specification BO 116-03 (interior vehicle applications)
  • Meets GM 9070P flammability test. DNI (Does Not Ignite) denotes that material does not support combustion during or after ignition.
  • Ribbed and Levant pattern (.055″) thick.
  • Coin and Diamond patterns (.075″) thick.
  • G-Floor Trailer Flooring sizes available for immediate purchase are stock size rolls.
  • Custom sizes and colors in different patterns are available up to 10′ wide. Please call for a custom quote.
  • We cannot accept returns on Trailer Flooring.
  • Please note that heavy rolls being delivered by a freight truck to a residential address will require assistance getting it off the truck. They will not deliver it to your door.

Basic installation of G-Floor© Roll-Out Flooring does not require adhesives of any kind. However, for special applications and professional installation.  Our Marine & Outdoor Adhesive is recommended for adhering G-floor to wood floors.


PROP 65 Warning for CA Customers

G-Floor Prop 65 Warning for California Customers

G-Floor Prop 65 Warning for California Customers


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