Comfy Toes Heated Mat


The Comfy Toes Heated Carpet Mat is an energy efficient personal space heater to keep your feet and legs under your desk, table or workspace. The Comfy Toes personal foot warmer only uses about 70 watts of power compared to a traditional 1500 watt space heater. In addition, it is safer, silent and more discreet than a bulky space heater, which can also be a fire hazard.

Comfy Toes uses one temperature setting, so there are no switches or buttons to have to set.  Simply plug it in and in a few moments you will be experiencing gentle warmth around your feet and legs.  The soft carpeted surface provides added comfort versus hard floor surfaces and features a non-skid back to minimize mat movement.

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Add Hi/Lo/Off Switch?

Add Hi/Lo/Off Switch?
Provides fingertip control and can cut power flow by 50% on low setting.

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Comfy Toes Heated Mat keeps toes and feet while saving you money on electricity from constantly having to increase the room temperature. The Comfy Toes heated mat is compact enough to use anywhere.  It can be rolled up and taken with you on the go for home or office use. The low-profile carpeted design allows the personal foot warmer mat to be discreetly hidden under your desk, table or workspace.

  • Energy-efficient; directs warmth only where you need it.
  • Uses just 70 watts – 95% less than a standard 1,500 watt space heater.
  • One temperature setting.
  • Much safer and more economical than space heaters.
  • Comfy Toe’s slim and sleek design can discreetly be placed under your desk or workspace.
  • ON/OFF switch includes an LED indicator light to display status.
  • For added convenience, the optional Hi/Lo/Off switch provides fingertip control for areas that are hard to reach the plug.

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Weight 3 lbs

Comfy Toes Heated Mat


Specification Comfy Toes Heated Mat
Price $56.95
Item Dimensions 17.75″ x 17.75″ x 0.25″
Product Weight 3 pounds
Power Consumption 70 watts
Volts 110 volts
Amps 0.8 amps
Backing Non-slip fabric
Cord Length 6′

Hi/Lo/Off Switch

Hi-Lo-Off Switch for Comfy Heated Products

The Hi-Lo-Off Switch™ allows you to adjust the temperature of your Comfy heating product between high, low or off with one convenient switch. The switch provides fingertip control for all Comfy heated products.

  • Low setting cuts power by about 50% – saving even more energy.
  • Gives users more control of Cozy Products heaters.
  • Easy to use, simply plug heater into the 110v standard socket.
  • Control attaches easily with adhesive Velcro; cord measures 85″.
  • $19.00 each



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