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Eliminate the need to crawl under your desk or behind dusty cables to control your Comfy heated product! The Hi/Lo/Off Switch is an optional accessory for all Comfy Heated products which can reduce the temperature of your Comfy Product by about 50% and adds the convenience of fingertip control.

The switch can be easily mounted under a desk with Velcro and within close proximity to turn the heated unit to max temp, reduce it by 50% or shut it off.  

Hi/Lo/Off Switch – $18.30 each

(Works with all Comfy Heated Products!)

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The Hi-Lo-Off Switch™ allows you to adjust the temperature of your Comfy heating product between high, low or off with one convenient switch. Created for use under desks, standing work stations, or anywhere fingertip control to a device is desired. May be used with any Comfy Product for this purpose. Enables control over the power supply to any heated product. For heaters without variable temperature control, the “Lo” setting cuts the power flow by about 50%, saving energy & money while giving more flexibility and comfort.

  • Use with any Comfy Products heater.
  • Control heat levels with one switch.
  • Lower the heat when desired for devices without variable temperatures.
  • Give fingertip control rather than having to turn off the device directly.
  • Cut power in half with the “Lo” switch – saving even more money & energy!
  • Easy to use, simply plug heater into the 110v standard socket.
  • Control attaches easily with adhesive Velcro strip (included).
  • Cord Length: 85″ long
  • Remote Control Dimensions: 2.25″ L x 1.75″ W x 1.15″ thick.
  • Double-sided plug.


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs

Rubber Frame (26.5 x 32), Rubber Frame (36.5 x 46), Carpet/Rubber Frame (26.5 x 63.5), Carpet/Rubber Frame (36.5 x 92.5), 24 x 30 inserts, 34 x 44 inserts


No Carpet, Aquamarine, Purple, Bordeaux, Charcoal, Dark Brown, Evergreen, Gold, Medium Blue, Orange, BlueStone, Light Green, Medium Brown, Navy, Medium Grey, White, Solid Red, Yellow, Red/Black


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