Indoor Heated Floor Mats

Indoor heated floor mats keep your feet and lower extremities warm and cozy all day long. Heated FootWarmer Mats and Toasty Toes heated mats are designed to fit comfortably under your desk or chair to keep your feet warm in cold, drafty areas. Footwarmer Heated Mats are portable heated mats that can be taken anywhere you go. Foot warming mats are available in two sizes and can be conveniently controlled with an optional Hi-Lo/On-Off Switch. These mats are not radiant heat so there is no risk of fire or overheating! Indoor heated floor mats use less energy than standard light bulb, so it’s more economical and safer than using a radiant heater.

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  • Comfy Foot Warmer

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    Comfy Foot Warmer

    The Comfy Foot Warmer is a heavy duty, heated rubber floor mat that provides evenly distributed, direct absorbed heat to the feet and legs. These are the extremities that feel the coldest and cause the most discomfort to workers in drafty offices. The Comfy Foot Warmer fits neatly and discreetly on the floor in work spaces such as underneath desks or workstations.

    The heated foot warmer is safer and more economical than electric heaters. Foot Warmers warm cold feet directly through shoes or boots and can even be used to melt snow from boots in the winter.

    From $40.00
  • Comfy Legs Panel Heater

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    Comfy Legs Panel Heater

    The Comfy Legs Panel Heater combines radiant heat and convection heat which creates a powerful heater to warm your personal space. The Comfy Legs heater only uses about 13% of the electricity that a traditional 1500 watt space heater uses. In addition, it is safer, quieter and more discreet than a bulky space heater, which can also be a fire hazard. 

    The Comfy Legs warmer has a new and improved design which is sleeker, smaller and lighter. The convenient built in handle makes it a breeze to move around to where you need it most. The no-tip design built in stands provide peace of mind that the unit will not tip over. Comfy Legs is not intended to heat an entire room but it does provide good warmth for anyone sitting or standing next to it. Comfy Legs Flat Panel Heater is safe to use with elderly pets or animals that crave extra warmth.

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  • Comfy Toes Heated Mat

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    Comfy Toes Heated Mat

    The Comfy Toes Heated Carpet Mat is an energy efficient personal space heater to keep your feet and legs under your desk, table or workspace. The Comfy Toes personal foot warmer only uses about 70 watts of power compared to a traditional 1500 watt space heater. In addition, it is safer, silent and more discreet than a bulky space heater, which can also be a fire hazard.

    Comfy Toes uses one temperature setting, so there are no switches or buttons to have to set.  Simply plug it in and in a few moments you will be experiencing gentle warmth around your feet and legs.  The soft carpeted surface provides added comfort versus hard floor surfaces and features a non-skid back to minimize mat movement.

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  • Hi-Lo-Off Switch

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    Hi-Lo-Off Switch

    Eliminate the need to crawl under your desk or behind dusty cables to control your Comfy heated product! The Hi/Lo/Off Switch is an optional accessory for all Comfy Heated products which can reduce the temperature of your Comfy Product by about 50% and adds the convenience of fingertip control.

    The switch can be easily mounted under a desk with Velcro and within close proximity to turn the heated unit to max temp, reduce it by 50% or shut it off.  

    Hi/Lo/Off Switch – $17.75 each

    (Works with all Comfy Heated Products!)

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  • Toasty Toes Heated Footrest

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    Toasty Toes Heated Footrest

    The Toasty Toes ergonomic foot warmer combines a space heater and ergonomic heated foot rest into one space-saving design! The Toasty Toes Heated Footrest is perfect for almost any situation where one must sit or stand in place. Rest your feet comfortably on the heated device while relaxing at home, or while working in an office. If you are standing or stationary, set the Toasty Toes to the upright position and use as a heated panel nearby.

    Comfy Toasty Toes heated footrests are especially ideal for applications where multiple users require a personal heater. This gives individuals control over the temperature of their personal space, without overloading electrical circuits. The Comfy heated footrest is intelligently designed to put gentle, radiant heat where it does the most good – your feet. This device makes standard space heaters obsolete and operates at a fraction of the cost.

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