LockSafe ConnectorErgoDeck Aluminum Ramp undersideErgoDeck Aluminum Ramp ConnectorErgoDeck 6" Stripe with Connectors
ErgoDeck LockSafe Connectors
LockSafe Connector
ErgoDeck Aluminum Ramp underside
ErgoDeck Aluminum Ramp Connector
ErgoDeck 6" Stripe with Connectors

ErgoDeck Connectors


ErgoDeck Connectors help eliminate waste of ErgoDeck tiles that may have been mis-cut or a left over piece by adding the ability of adding another interlocking edge.  The ErgoDeck Locksafe connectors convert any male ErgoDeck edge to a female edge. Can be used with ErgoDeck Aluminum Ramps and ErgoDeck 6″ Stripes.

Pack of Connectors (12) – $10.05 per pack of 12


ErgoDeck Connectors – 12 Pack

Changes and scraps happen. Left over pieces, mis-cuts, and reconfigurations are all part of installations. Now LOCKSAFE Connectors eliminate waste and allow you to add another interlocking edge to leftover ErgoDeck! Get the most out of your ErgoDeck installation with Wearwell’s 560LOCKSAFE.BK-PK12 Connectors.

  • Converts any male ErgoDeck edge into a female edge
  • Allows for further ErgoDeck Customization
  • Reduces costs by eliminating waste
  • Also for use with ErgoDeck Aluminum Ramps and 6″ stripes
  • 12 LOCKSAFE connectors per pack

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Weight1 lbs


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