Locktile interlock flooring edgingLockTile Edging
LockTile interlock edging
Locktile interlock flooring edging
LockTile Edging

Lock-Tile Edging


Lock-Tile Floor tiles is a tough and flexible interlocking PVC floor tile which provides an “instant” self lay floor surfacing for use in a wide variety of heavy-duty and high traffic areas like factories, warehouses, retail stores, post offices, schools, garages, government buildings, airports, sports complexes, ice rinks, fitness/training centers, computer rooms, and many other projects where their slip resistant, easy clean, flame and chemical resistant properties are important considerations. Lock-Tile Edging offers a finished look to the exposed connector tabs. Edging is sold by the linear foot and is available in black or grey.

Edging is $2.25 per linear foot.

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Lock-Tile Edging features:

  • Edging is available in colors black or grey.
  • Edging is sold by the linear foot.
  • Edging is 1-11/16″ wide.
  • Please enter the total amount of length, in feet, that you need in the Quantity Box.

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Black, Grey


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