F.I.T. Interlocking Tiles

F.I.T. Interlocking Tiles are the most versatile, functional and comfortable 12″ x 12″ x 5/8″ modular tile ever created. F.I.T. modular flooring tiles use an angular “LockSafe” interlocking system providing a stronger connection, yet the tiles easily “zip” apart for re-positioning. The comfortable ergonomic design and PVC formula dramatically reduce fatigue and lead to increase productivity. The F.I.T. Easy Ramp System utilizes only one ramp which fits both “male” and “female” edges.  A simple no-fuss installation – just snap the tiles together and configure to fit your exact work spaces. F.I.T is J.I.T. – Quickly modify any work center to ergonomic specs. Unlike any other interlocking tiles, large installations of F.I.T. interlocking tiles can be rolled-up for quick cleaning, and re-positioned for storage.

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