Static Dissipative Anti-Fatigue Mats

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Static Dissipative Anti-Fatigue mats are frequently used in commercial and manufacturing areas where controlling static and fatigue is essential. This is especially important in the dry winter months when static build up occurs more frequently. A metal scrim embedded in the vinyl surface ensures speedy and effective dissipation of static electricity, while the Nitricell® sponge base keeps employees comfortable and productive all day. Mat must be grounded.

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Static Dissipative Anti-Fatigue Mats are an ideal ergonomic standing solution for manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and commercial areas where static electricity can pose a problem. What makes this product such a standout is the homogeneous carbon layer, which assures the speedy dissipation of static. Add to that our exclusive Nitricell® sponge base, and you’ve got a star performer that lasts for years while providing unparalleled ergonomic benefits. Note: Each mat includes an attached grounding snap. Mat must be grounded with a ground cord [available from Wearwell and workers must wear a heel grounder [also available] or shoes with conductive soles.

  • EOS/ESD S7.1: 1 x 10^6 to 1 x 10^10
  • “Best” sponge base
  • Nitricell® sponge base delivers 2X the resilience and 3X the life of typical sponges
  • Lay-flat design and up to 20% more standing area than look-alikes
  • Overall thickness 1/2” (13 mm)
  • Custom lengths available up to 60′ long in 3′ and 4′ widths

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2' x 3', 3' x 5', 3' x 75', 4' x 75'


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2′ x 3′ $110.90
3′ x 5′ $276.30
Non-Stock Sizes
3′ x 75′ $3,865.40
4′ x 75′ $5,214.65
Non-Stock rolls ship freight and are not returnable. Shipping will not be calculated on orders over 150 lbs. Please proceed to process your order and we will contact you with the freight cost.
Custom Sizes
3′ width
$20.51 per sq. ft.
4′ width $21.45 per sq. ft.
Custom sizes are available in 3′ and 4′ widths up to 75′ in length. Custom sizes are not returnable. Please click below to order a custom size Static Dissipative Anti-fatigue mat.


Product Specs

Uses: Dry areas at risk for damage from static electricity
Compound: Vinyl with a Nitricell® sponge base
Resistivity: RTT & RTG- 1 x 107 to 8 x 108 ohm
Coefficient of Friction: .79 Dry .45 Wet per ASTM F1677
Compression: .343 inches @ 35 psi per ASTM D575
Tabor Abrasion: < 1% lost @ 1,000 cycles per Fed Std. 193 Modified
Flammability: “A” Rating per MVSS 302
Thickness: 1/2″
Warranty: 3 year, conditional
Color: Gray
Snap: Attached to lower left hand corner of each mat.

Material Safety Data Sheet

793 CDUse with our 15′ ESD Ground Cord



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