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ErgoDeck® Ramps and corners by Wearwell® are compatible with all ErgoDeck Flooring products. The robust 6” wide side safety ramps prevent trip hazards and allow for easy on cart access from wheeled traffic. ErgoDeck ramps and corners have countersunk holes for semi-permanent installation. ErgoDeck ramps are available in black or safety yellow border color and with or without GritShield® for additional traction.

New ErgoDeck® Cable Bridge Kits

  • Cover unsightly cables and wires and prevent tripping hazards.
  • ErgoDeck Cable Bridge kits work with all ErgoDeck Flooring products.

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ErgoDeck® Ramps Installation

1. Align the tiles with all connectors facing in the same direction and secure together using a mallet.
2. Attach ramps and corners where required (if corners are fitted, ramps will overlap the tile joints).
3. ErgoDeck® Ramps and corners will connect to both male and female sides. Surplus connectors can be removed with a safety knife where necessary.
4. Where added stability is needed, countersunk holes in the ramps and corners allow the installation to be anchored to the sub floor.

ErgoDeck Flooring Edging


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6" x 18" Ramp, 6" x 9" x 9" Inside Corner, 6' x 15" x 15" Outside Corner


Black, Yellow


ErgoDeck Edging Border Color Case Price
ErgoDeck Ramps for all ErgoDeck tile products
(Case contains 10 ramps)
7/8” x 6” deep x 18” long Black or Yellow $119.80
Outside Rounded Corners (Case contains 4 corners)
7/8” x 6” deep x 15” x 15” Black or Yellow $174.70
Inside Corners (Sold Individually)
7/8” x 6” deep x 9” x 9” Black or Yellow  $44.10



Wearwell ErgoDeck Flooring

How to Install ErgoDeck


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