Pressure Sensitive, Safety Guarding Mat

The Guardian Safety Protection Mat is a specialty mat intended to safeguard areas surrounding dangerous machinery that pose a hazard or threat to personnel or equipment. Guardian Mats can be used for safeguarding protection on many different machines and auxiliary equipment. This pressure sensitive mat is designed to provide an immediate stop signal or “Kill switch” when a person above 77 pounds in weight steps on the mat. The machinery is instantly shutdown thus protecting workers from harm and equipment from damage. Our unique patented Guardian Mat® construction along with hermetic welding, allows us to produce an endless variety of custom shapes and sizes to fit your machinery, with the shortest lead-time in the industry. 

Guardian Mats® can be found in automated manufacturing facilities in various industries including: aerospace, automotive, packaging and textiles.

All Guardian Safety mats are custom produced to order.  Custom shapes and sizes are available. Our team of experts will work with you directly from start to finish to ensure you have all the components you need and installation is done correctly. Please contact us directly to receive a quote and discuss your application and technical requirements. We also provide an Interactive Ordering Form to get started.

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Our unique patented Guardian Safety Protection Mat® construction along with hermetic welding, allows us to produce an endless variety of custom shapes and sizes, with the shortest lead time in the industry. They are available with diamond top or ribbed non-skid top surface and have sensitive edges so they require no joining strips. All of our mats are both TUV and CE certified and are designed to meet or exceed industry standards.

Safety Mats for Area Guarding
Manufacturing plants often include areas surrounding machinery that pose a hazard or threat to personnel or equipment. In an ideal situation, the hazard would be totally eliminated and all risk would be avoided,however that is not always  possible. The ME151 Guardian Safety Protection Mat® may be used for area guarding surrounding industrial robots and other automated plant equipment. This presence-sensing mat operates on the principle of a basic normally open switch. When a specified weight is applied to the mat, the inner flexible contact elements touch and “close” the switch. Typically these mats are wired to the emergency motor controls to signal the equipment to stop. ME151 Guardian Mats® may be wired in series to create a continuous sensitized area. Beveled aluminum trim retainers are used to secure the mat to the floor.

Safety Mats for Perimeter Guarding
Perimeter guards are used to create a barrier to entrance into a hazardous area. Often, “hard guards” such as fencing are used for this purpose. In some situations these types of guards may not be desirable as they may also obstruct sight. The ME 151 Guardian Mats® may be used for perimeter guarding surrounding potentially hazardous plant equipment. The Guardian Mat® is placed on the floor in the “safe” zone to signal equipment to stop before a person enters the hazardous area. This sensing mat operates on the same principle as the Area Guarding Mat system.

Guardian Safety Protection Mat features:

  • When 77 pounds or pressure or more are applied, sends a stop signal to the controller shutting down the machinery.
  • Heavy-duty, impact resistant design
  • Available in ribbed non-skid surface
  • Flame resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Water resistant 
  • Pressure sensitive edges
  • No joining strips
  • Custom shapes and sizes to fit just about any work area around machinery
  • Optional aluminum retainer edging (mitered or straight corners)


Gaurdian Mat Pricing

24″ x 24″ $280.35
24″ x 36″ $412.05
24″ x 48″ $543.95
24″ x 72″ $854.25
30″ x 36″ $510.95
30″ x 48″ $681.65
30″ x 72″ $889.70
36″ x 36″ $609.85
36″ x 48″ $854.25
36″ x 72″ $1046.25
48″ x 48″ $941.90
48″ x 72″ $1359.30
Custom mats, and standard mats with cutouts, available in sizes up to 56″ x 144″. Please contact our sales department for pricing and lead time. 1-866-411-6287
• Mat retainer pricing = $7.80 / linear foot
• Cutouts–add 30% per cutout
• 4-wire standard, 4-pin micro connector with 3-meters of wire available at no extra cost
• Colors: Black corrugated only

Controller & Relay Pricing

Model Description Price
4 wire controller mounted in a NEMA 13 Metal Enclosure.
Available in 24VDC or 115VAC
FSIS-35P-4 4-Wire Intrinsically Safe Control Panel (No enclosure) $668.80
RT6-115VAC RT6 4-Wire Universal Relay Controller, DIN rail mount compatible (35mm): 115V AC $690.15
RT6-24VDC RT6 4-Wire Universal Relay Controller, DIN rail mount compatible (35mm): 24V DC $649.35


Outer Material: PVC
Assembled Mat Thickness: 5/8”
Color: Black
Lead Wire: 16 AWG, 10ft long
Electrical Diagram: 4 Wire, N.O.
Maximum Input: 24 Volt, 1/2 amp AC or DC
Optional Connectors: Quick Micro Disconnect
Minimum Sensitivity: 66 lbs (30kg) per 3 1/8” (80mm) dia.
Cycle Test: 1 Million
Maximum Width: 36” and 48” Standard – Up to 55” optional
Temperature Range: -29oC to +70oC (-20oF to 158oF)
Fire Resistant: Self Extinguishing
Weathering: 7 Days – No visual change
Cracking: None – @ 1/4” mandrel at -40oF
Hardness: 93+/-5 ASTM-D-2240

Guardian Pressure Sensitive Safety Mat Construction

Guardian Pressure Sensitive Mat Construction

Controller & Relay

FSC-57 Safety Relay Controller
(Din Rail Controller mounted in a NEMA 13 Metal Enclosure)

Design Features:

  • Detachable Terminal Blocks
  • 5 Input Configurations
    (single and dual channel modes hardwire selectable)
  • Approved Category 4 Safety device
  • 2 LED indicator lights
    – Green for Power
    – Red for Fault

    Dimensions: 4 5/16” x 6 5/16” x 6 5/16”

FSC-57 Safety Relay Controller

FSIS35P4 Intrinsically Safe Controller 
4 wire intrinsically safe controller only (no enclosure)

Design Features:

  • Fail-Safe operations REQUIRE the relay output type to be set to Normaly Closed.
  • Wire Break monitoring requires the WB switch to be ON and the monitored safety edge circuit to be terminated in a resistance of 10K to 20K Ohms.
  • IF the wiring between the Intrinsically Safe controller is to be checked for short circuits, the 1.5K Ohm series resistor must be installed BEFORE the safety edge, AT the safety edge’s location, AND the SC switch must be ON.
  • A Power Failure will also cause the output relays to be open circuit.

Technical Specs:

Power Supply
Supply Voltage – 115VAC
20-250 VAC, 20-125 VDC 40-70 Hz@40mA
Power Consumption 3 Watts
Galvanic Isolation between input, output and supply circuits, test voltage 2.5 kVrms
Input Circuits
Nominal operating characteristics (per DIN 19234)

– Voltage – 8.2 VDC
– Current – 8.2 mA
– Switching Threshold – 1.55mA

Output Circuits Two SPDT relays
Switching Voltage per output 250 VAC / 120 VDC
Switching Current per output 2 A
Maximum Load per output 500 VA / 60 W
Contact Material AgNi + 3μAu
Switching Frequency 10 Hz
Single Channel Controller 

RT6 Safety Relay Controller

Technical Specs:

Dimensions: 4 3/4” x 1 3/4” x 1 3/4”
Power Supply: Voltage (A1-A2) 24VDC +15/-20%
115 VAC +15/-10% 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption: DC supply, normal voltage 2.3W
AC supply, nominal voltage 5.2VA
Safety Inputs: S14 (+) input 20mA
S24 (0V) input 20mA
S34 (+) input 20mA
S44 (+) input 30mA
Response Time: At Power On DC/AC <90ms/220ms
When activating (input-output) <20ms
When deactivatiing (input-output) <20ms
At Power Loss <150ms
Relay Outputs: N.O. 3 N.C. 1
Maximum Switching Capacity:
Resistive Load AC: 6A/250 VAC/1500VA
Inductive Load AC: AC15 240 VAC 2 A
Resistive Load DC: 6A/24 VDC/150W
Inductive Load DC: DC13 24VDC 1 A
Maximum Total Switching Capacity:
Resistive Load: 12 A Distributed on all contacts
Maximum Load: 10 m/A10V (if load on contact
has not exceeded 100 mA)
Protection Class:
Enclosure: IP 40 IEC 60529
Connection Blocks: IP 20 IEC 60529
Operating Temperature Range: 14oF to 133oF
-10oC to + 55oC (with no icing
or condensation)
Operating Humitidy Range: 35% to 85%
Certifications: TUV Nord

RT6 Relay Controller



Miller Edge will replace within 2 years from date of shipment from our factory, any ME151 Guardian Safety mat subject to normal use which is found to have defective materials or workmanship, as determined by our authorized factory representative. Replacements will be shipped to you freight collect. This guarantee is void where evidence of misuse is present.


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