ASO Safety Contact Mats

ASO safety contact mats are laminar sections which are used to safeguard dangerous areas across the entire industrial and production automation. Stepping on the mat triggers an immediate “stop” signal in order to prevent movements that could potentially lead to machine damage or bodily harm. Safety contact mats help protect the money invested into machinery, as well as, your most valuable asset – human life!

ASO Safety Contact mats are used in multiple applications across many different automated manufacturing facilities and industries such as: robotics, aerospace, automotive, packaging and textiles, and many more.

All pressure sensitive safety mats are custom produced to order!  Custom shapes, sizes and colors are available. Our team of safety mat experts will work with you directly from start to finish to ensure you have all the components you need and installation is done correctly. Please contact us directly to receive a quote and discuss your application and technical requirements. 


ASO Safety Contact Mats are laminar sections which are used to safeguard dangerous areas in the entire industrial and production automation. Stepping on the surface sensor mat triggers an immediate “stop” signal in order to prevent endangering movements.

A single compound polyurethane material assures impermeability against oils, water and dirt. An anti-slip surface is also implemented into the design. Optional checkered surfaces in aluminum or high-grade steel can be used in areas where high mechanical demand is placed on the upper SENTIR mat surface. Individual design, various switching zones and full or partly colored mats are possible. All safety contact mats are produced to customer specifications.

The Structure
The basic construction of the ASO Safety Contact Mat consist of two conductive plates which are separated by a proprietary isolating layer. These plates are completely potted in a polyurethane material so that they are impervious to oil, water and dirt. The top consists of a slip resistant checkered pattern. This surface provides excellent resistance against oil and grease. Two cable exits are provided. These cables consist of one M8 male plug and one M8 female plug in standard construction (optional cable exits are available upon request). Mounting to the floor can be realized with optional aluminum ramp rails RS 14 or BS 14.

  • Resistant against most chemical contaminants and impervious to dust
  • High resistance to moisture (IP65)
  • Tested for more than 6 Million activations
  • Built-in ramp rail, flexible mounting for multiple mat configurations
  • Two conductive plates between polyurethane material high quality and long lasting
  • Nice Euro Dot Surface
  • Single mats made up to 18 sq ft, custom areas done with multiple mats
  • Quick Disconnects using two M8 3 pin Male & Female, Two wire of 4 Wire setup
  • Mats available with aluminum or molded trim
  • 3-4 Week lead-time currently on standard or custom size mats.
  • All mats are custom made to order.  No returns on custom orders unless there are defects.


SENTIR Safety Mat Technical Specs

Relay Switch

Elmon Safety Relay Switch 41-322

Elmon Safety Relay Switch 41-322 / 41-822

Type: ELMON relay 41-822
Article Number: 1114-0040
Dimensions: W 0.89″ x H 3.90″ x D 4.49″
Safety Category and Performance Level: *Cat. 3 / PL d
Voltage supply: 120 V, 24 V AC/DC;  (41-322) 230 V, 24 V AC/DC
Response time: <12 ms
Input: 2 x sensors 8,2 kOhm
Output: 2 x forcibly actuated relay contact
Additional function: Auxiliary contact, manual reset
Protection class: IP 20
Mechanical service life: >105 actuations
Approval: 2006/42/EG, UL 508′, CSA C22.2

*according to DIN EN ISO 13849-1

Elmon Relay Switch Instructions



Ramp Mounting Rails

Ramp Rail

The ramp rail RS 14 provides secure mounting capability for the safety contact mat. The angled design reduces tripping and slipping when mounted to the mat. The integrated channel can be used for clean and safe installation of the connecting cable.

Mounting Rail BS 14

The mounting rail BS 14 can be used to attach the safety contact mat in less accessible areas (for example at machines, shut-off positions, walls, etc.). Also the integrated channel can be used for clean and safe installation of the connecting cable.

Ramp rails RS14

Signal Processing

Signal Processing

The SENTIR mat safety contact mat is fitted with 2 two-core connecting cables and offers the possibility of connecting several mats in series up to a maximum total area of 10 m². One end of the cable is connected to the safety evaluation control electronics and the terminal resistance is connected to the other end (prepared at the factory). The safety evaluation control electronics provides monitoring for the entire circuit including the cabling route and the mats, by monitoring the terminal resistance. The two surfaces of the mat make contact when stepped on and the resistance is bridged. This immediately causes a signal within the electronics that is then given as a potential free output for the contact-mat by the relay. The entire switching circuit is monitored at the same time for damage to cable or manipulation. 

Sentir mat signal process



ASO Safety Solutions, Inc. (“Company”) warrants that the product will be free from substantial defects in material and workmanship, and will substantially perform in accordance with the technical specifications set forth in the description of the product for the duration of the warranty period specified below.

The warranty period is twelve (12) months from the date of delivery. Proof of date of delivery must be provided.

The product (i) may be newly manufactured, (ii) may be assembled from new or serviceable used parts that are equivalent to new parts in performance, or (iii) may have been previously installed. During the warranty period, Company will repair or replace any defective item of the product or parts or components of the product promptly reported to Company by customer and which Company determines was defective due to a warranty defect. In the event that Company determines, in its reasonable discretion, that the defect in a product was not caused by customer or a third party, Company shall, at its sole discretion, either (i) remedy the defect, or (ii) replace the defective product, or (iii) provide customer with a refund or credit for the purchase price paid to Company by customer for the defective product.

Company may, at its own discretion and costs, elect to first attempt to repair any defect at Company’s facilities in RLanding, New Jersey, and thereafter, at Company’s discretion, travel to customer’s location. Labor costs of diagnosis are not included in this warranty. Under no circumstances shall the repair of any product result in an extension of the warranty period granted herein. Customer shall not attempt to repair or resolve any product without the prior consent of Company. Any attempt by customer to repair or resolve any product without the prior consent of Company shall void this warranty. Because the product requires on-going maintenance, the preceding warranty is not a substitute for maintenance services or other support service by Company.

Customer is obligated to carry out an incoming goods inspection within 10 business days after receipt of the products. If customer fails to comply with this obligation, any and all warranty claims shall lapse.

The warranty as to the product does not cover any defect under warranty attributable in whole or in part to (i) non-Company products and services, and any interfaces or links of such to the products, alterations of out-of-specification supplies, (ii) accidents, misuse, negligence or failure of customer to follow instructions for proper use, care and cleaning of the product, (iii) external factors (e.g., failure or fluctuation of electrical power or air conditioning, fire, flood), or (iv) failure by customer to comply with Company’s specifications.


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