24/Seven Edging

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24/Seven® Edging by Wearwell® works with all 24/Seven® products!

Grease Resistant
General Purpose Applications – defined as dry, or as areas with water or debris.

Use the Grease Resistant 24/7 Solid (# 570) or Drainage (# 572)

CFR (Cutting Fluid Resistant)
For areas with mineral oil-based cutting fluids use the CFR compound. For additional traction use the CFR Gritworks!

Solid # 574(CFR) or Drainage # 576(CFR)

Nitrile Compound (NBR)
For areas with petroleum-based fluids – these include petrochemicals such as Hydrocarbons, Naphthenes, Paraffins and Petroleum distillates use our new 100% Nitrile compound. For additional traction use the Nitrile Gritworks!

Solid # 574(NBR) or Drainage # 576(NBR)

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24/Seven® Edging works with all 24/Seven® products!

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GR Female Black, GR Male Black, GR Female Yellow, GR Male Yellow, CFR Female Black, CFR Male Black, CFR Female Yellow, CFR Male Yellow, NBR Female Black, NBR Male Black, NBR Female Yellow, NBR Male Yellow


Stock Edging 3″ x 39″
Grease Resistant Female Black
Grease Resistant Male Black
Grease Resistant Female Yellow
Grease Resistant Male Yellow
CFR Female Black
CFR Male Black
CFR Female Yellow
CFR Male Yellow
Nitrile Female Black
Nitrile Male Black
Nitrile Female Yellow
Nitrile Male Yellow
Please call for large quantities, 1-866-411-6287


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