Grade A Food Mat

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Grade A® Food Production Mat by Wearwell® is the first mat designed specifically for the food production and manufacturing industries. Its specially formulated anti-bacterial Nitrile rubber composite is designed to withstand solutions used in a wide variety of food processing environments: vegetable oils, animal fats, citrus, and fish oil.

NEW! Our new combination of 24/7® LockSafe® interlocking rubber tiles with the Grade A® proprietary Nitrile compound creates a new food processing ergonomic flooring that can cover large areas quickly. The 24/7 LockSafe Grade A tiles interlock securely and come apart on demand for simple reconfiguration. Grade A ramps and corners provide a professional finish and a smooth on-off transition for your Grade A LockSafe flooring. Also known as edging, these ramps work to prevent trips while calling out the perimeter of the workspace.

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Grade A® Food Production Mat has these key features:

1) Built-in handles to ease pick-up and cleaning of the mats;
2) Hygienic porthole design of the mat simplifies cleaning and virtually eliminates areas where food and bacteria can collect.
3) Substantial underside knobs allow quick drainage and increase the comfort level of the mat,
4) Flat, but textured surface increases traction when greasy and wet.
5) 100% anti-microbial nitrile rubber for food production and processing.

Grade A Food Mat HolesGrade A Food Mat Handles

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Single 30" x 36", Single 30" x 60", LockSafe 36: x 36" tile, LockSafe Ramp Female, LockSafe Ramp Male, LockSafe Outside Corner – Case of 4


Stock Sizes
Grade A Single Mat, 30″ x 36″ $80.95
Grade A Single Mat, 30″ x 60″
Grade A 24/7 LockSafe Interlocking Tile, 36″ x 36″
Grade A 24/7 LockSafe Edging, Female Ramp, 3′ x 36″
Grade A 24/7 LockSafe Edging, Male Ramp, 3′ x 36″
Grade A 24/7 LockSafe NBR Corners, 3″ x 3″, Case of 4


Product Specs

Uses: Wet and greasy food production areas
Compound: 100% Nitrile rubber composite (Animal Fat Resistant Natural Rubber)
Durometer: 55 per ASTM D2240
Coefficient of Friction: .78 Dry – .68 Wet per ASTM F1677 WorkStation, 1.04 Dry – .94 Wet for LockSafe tiles
Tabor Abrasion: <1% lost @ 1,000 cycles per Fed Std. 193
Flammability: “A” Rating per MVSS 302
Temperature Range: -20 to 250 F Workstation mat, 10 to 140 F for LockSafe Tiles
Edges: Molded safety bevels on all four sides for workstation mat
Thickness: 1/2″ workstation, 5/8″ for LockSafe Tiles
Warranty: 2 year, conditional
Color Mat: – Terra Cotta



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