Clean Room Sticky Mat

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Clean Room Sticky Mat traps impurities in areas that require dust and dirt control. The tacky surface pulls dirt and dust off shoe soles before they can contaminate a “clean room”. Effective and easy to use, each mat has 30 layers of tough film laminated together in a stack. Once the top film is contaminated, simply pull it off and discard. Clean Room Sticky Mat offers economical dirt control on low-profile carpet, tile or concrete surfaces.

Note: There are 30 insert sheets to a mat, 4 mats to a case (blue or white. Sold in full case quantities only. 60 insert mats are available in white only.
(120 sheets total per case)

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Clean Room Sticky Mat is available in white or blue, and are the everyday solution for common contamination control issues. Sheets of “tacky” film collect dirt and debris from shoes. Just peel off the sheet when it is full to expose a new sheet. Clean Room Sticky Mats make it easy to guard against contamination and reduce facility maintenance.

  • Effectively traps impurities from shoe soles for dirt and dust control
  • Adhesive backing holds mat securely in place
  • 4 mats in each pack, each with 30 or 60 sheets (white only and for select sizes only)
  • Tear resistant sheets are numbered to indicate when a new mat is needed
  • Use on low-pile carpet, tile or concrete surfaces

Additional information

Weight N/A

18" x 36" – 30 inserts, 18" x 36" – 60 inserts, 18" x 45" – 30 inserts, 18" x 45" – 60 inserts, 2' x 3' – 30 inserts


White, Blue


Stock Sizes Case Price 4 mats/case
(30 inserts/mat)
Case Price 4 mats/case
(60 inserts/mat-White only)
18″ x 36″ $113.00 NA
18″ x 45″ $130.60 $261.00
2′ x 3′ $148.50 NA
*24″ x 45″ $196.75 *$383.15
*36″ x 45″ $275.50 NA
*3′ x 5′ $392.25 NA
* Denotes sizes must ship laying flat via a freight carrier. Please call for a quote.


  • Blue


  • White




Product Specs
Uses: Anywhere dirt contamination is a hazard
Compound: Tacky Polyethylene Film
Thickness: 1/8″
Colors: White or Blue

Material Safety Data Sheet


Clean Room Sticky Mat

STEP 1. Prepare The Location.
The mat should be positioned in the entryway to assure contact
with all foot or wheel-borne contaminates. To assure a secure bond, Clean and dry the area thoroughly .

STEP 2. Remove Protective Film From Bottom
Separate and remove clear, non-tabbed film from bottom to expose the adhesive layer that adheres to

STEP 3. Adhere Mat To Floor
Align mat starting at one corner. If placement is correct, gradually lower the rest of the mat using even force
to assure entire mat adheres to surface. While top protective layer is still on, walk on mat to apply
additional pressure to be certain entire mat is in contact. Pay particular attention to edges and corners.

STEP 4. Peel Off Top Protective Film
The mat is now ready for use.

STEP 5. Watch For Particulate Build-up
When mat is visibly dirty, peel off top layer to expose a new, fresh layer.


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