AcroMat Anti-fatigue Mats

AcroMat Anti-fatigue mats are extremely versatile and durable anti-fatigue mats that provide exceptional ergonomic comfort and support for standing workers. The AcroMat 100-1 Series Anti-Fatigue mat is ideal for machine shops, wet/oily areas, dry/dusty areas, food processing, grinding and brazing, packaging and shipping, assembly lines, retail, standing desks, and kitchens. All AcroMat Anti-fatigue mats are constructed from 100% nitrile rubber, which provides superior rebound and longevity. The 100-1 Series will not lose its anti-fatigue properties or compress over time, providing critical safety benefits and premium comfort for up to 8 years. AcroMat safety mats offer superior benefits compared to other anti-fatigue mats.  The are antimicrobial, non-allergenic, latex and silicone free which makes them ideal for cleanrooms and lab facilities. Options include a colored yellow border for safety, drainage holes for wet areas and a smooth or textured surface.  The 100-1 series offers full customization to create any size or shape anti-fatigue mat.

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