G-Floor Seaming Tape

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Basic installation of G-Floor© Roll-Out Flooring does not require adhesives or seaming of any kind. However, for special applications and professional installation, many of our customers prefer seaming two rolls together, for example in a double car wide garage. The manufacturer has tested and recommends the following seaming tapes to be effective solutions. Always read and follow label directions for best results.

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G-Floor Seaming Tape is an Acrylic Adhesive/Glass Cloth Tape. It’s much easier to apply than the Bonding Strip and Solvent, with less mess! 


  • Waterproof
  • Withstands extreme temperatures
  • Creates a Like-permanent bond – until you decide to remove it.  Tape can be cut through to separate the mats (without damage to mats), and new tape reapplied when configured.
  • Tape is 4″ wide by 30 yards.  Enough for 3 two-car garages.
  • Adhesive is on one side only, allowing the floor to float.

G-Floor Seaming Tape
4″ x 10 yards (30 ft.) –
$79.90 (Enough for 1, 2-car garage)
4″ x 30 yards (90 ft.) –
$179.00 (Enough for 3, 2-car garages)

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Black-10 yd Glass Cloth Seaming Tape, White-10 yd Glass Cloth Seaming Tape, Black-30 yard Glass Glass Cloth Seaming Tape, White-30 yard Glass Glass Cloth Seaming Tape

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G-Floor Seaming Strip


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