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Clear Floor Covering mats help protect floor surfaces and walkways. Use of clear floor covering is ideal on carpeted surfaces that need protection from dirt and debris, but still want to maintain the appearance. Clear floor covering is available in multiple widths and custom lengths to cover very long runs with a single mat. Our top of the line Clear Floor Covering includes Anchor Pro Clear Floor Cover with an exclusive four-way cleat system provides cleats that extend in four different directions that lock with the carpet fibers providing excellent holding power.

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  • Clear Ribbed Runner

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    Clear Ribbed Runner

    Clear Ribbed Runner floor protector helps keep carpets clean and protected from wear and tear.  The Clear Cover Protector has heavy-duty anchor points on the underside to keep the runner from moving around on carpet. The Clear Ribbed runner is easy to clean and maintain.  

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  • Concourse HD Floor Runner

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    Concourse HD Floor Runner

    Concourse Heavy Duty Runners protect valuable carpeting and hard floors alike from the wear and tear of heavy foot traffic. Ideal for hallways, entryways, copy machine stations and other areas with repetitive foot traffic, Concourse clear vinyl runner helps extend the life of the carpet while allowing the color and design to show through.

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  • G-Floor Checkerboard Parking Pad

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    G-Floor Checkerboard Parking Pad

    G-Floor Checkerboard Parking Pad showcases your prized vehicles – autos, motorcycles, ATVs, golf carts, riding mowers, etc. The multi-purpose G-Floor Checkerboard Parking Pads are a fun way to protect your garage flooring from deterioration while giving your whole garage a face lift and your treasured toys a highlighted personal space when not in use.

    G-Floor Checkerboard Parking Pad garage floor protectors look just like racing tile but it’s actually a vinyl roll out garage mat. It takes only minutes to roll out and the parking pads can be moved whenever and wherever. Manufactured in the USA, the G-Floor Imaged Parking Pad has a Black & White checkerboard design scheme printed underneath a 55 mil wear layer to keep it looking brand new for years. These parking pads come in a ceramic texture with a high gloss topcoat and give you two border options to choose from: Black or Red.

    Because these versatile parking pads are available in two sizes, you’ll find one for every vehicle size, shape and use:

    Sizes: 5’ x 10’ and 10’ x 20’

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    Availability on these mats is currently limited.  We request you call or send a request on availability!

    *Please note that the 10′ wide size roll will require a freight quote due to oversized dimensions. Please contact us or submit a Custom Quote Form for a 10′ wide size.

  • G-Floor Clear Floor Protector

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    G-Floor Clear Floor Protector

    G-Floor Clear Floor Protector shows off the beauty of your hardwoods, tile, carpet, and even concrete garage flooring while protecting its original integrity. G-Floor Clear Floor Protector is available in two patterns Ribbed and Levant, and in two sizes (7’6” x 17’ and 10’ x 22’).

    New Size! Now available in a 5′ x 10′ size in ribbed design or new ceramic surface texture which is ideal when additional slip resistance is required and for ease of cleaning.

    The G-Floor Clear Cover ribbed pattern has a 55-mil base and 110-mil overall thickness.

    • Raised ridges 0.125″ wide, 0.030″ tall and spaced 0.375″ apart
    • Perfect for containing fluids
    • Cover and protect any existing residential or commercial floors, including workspaces, offices, utility areas, garages, retail locations, recreational rooms, mobile units, kitchens and a variety of other places that get extensive use.

    Levant has a 55-mil base and is a semi-smooth surface with a texture similar to leather.
    Ceramic has a 50 mil base and has a satin top coat finish for extra traction.

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    *Please note that 10′ wide size rolls and 10′ wide custom widths will require a freight quote due to oversized dimensions. Please contact us or submit a Custom Quote Form for a 10′ wide size.

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  • InvisiMat Clear Floor Protector

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    InvisiMat Clear Floor Protector

    InvisiMat Clear Floor Protector is a crystal clear, embossed, slip resistant, heavy duty translucent film with an adhesive back which dramatically reduces the risk of trip and fall accidents, without altering the appearance of your flooring.

    Available in rolls 27″ x 25 feet. Weight: 15 lbs. per roll.

    Price: $185.00 per roll

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